Hey, Canes fans! Do you have a favorite tailgate recipe that always brings smiles to the faces of your crew? Is there ONE dish/item that everyone always requests that you bring to the tailgate? If so, it could win you your very own shirt from the 328 Store!

No matter what type of recipe you have- dessert, finger foods, main course, drinks, alcoholic desserts- they’re all equally welcome to be part of this contest.

Simply leave a comment on this post using the format below, by August 10th, for your chance to win. We’ll pick the top FIVE recipes based on upvotes (which means feel free to encourage your friends to vote) then put those five up for a final vote. The recipe with the most votes of those five wins!
Short (a couple sentences max) description of your recipe.

• List your ingredients
• One ingredient per line
• Be specific with units: eg. 1/2 cup of Jager

1. List your steps
2. Using number format
3. Be specific: How long, how much, when, etc.

Serving Instructions
Is there anything we should know about how this item should be served? If so, please let us know so we don’t mess it up.
That’s all, folks! In addition to the winner getting their choice of 328 merch (#BuyTheMerch), we will combine the best recipes into a tailgate cookbook of sorts where it can be enjoyed by all who come to this fine website.