The Carolina Hurricanes 2018-2019 Home Opener is tomorrow, and rumor has it there will be a tailgate. Weather’s looking like it’ll be in the upper 80s, lower 90s and sunny! Gorgeous weather for a tailgate. One thing that’s key for an epic tailgate like tomorrow’s is hydration. Drink lots of water!

Crisp, clear, refreshing water. 

Aroma: As soon as I twist off the cap (yes, it’s a twist off) to this delicious beverage, I get that waft of odorless perfection. A strong lack of scent emits as I pour this into a glass about halfway filled with ice, to keep it nice and cold. I wish Coors packaged this so I could see those nice blue Rockies telling me when it’s the ideal cold temp. 12/12 on aroma.

Appearance: This would definitely not pass Mike’s light test. This is as clear as your most filtered pilsner, but with even less color! The BJCP doesn’t have a Water subcategory to define ideal appearance, but if they did it would read something along the lines of “absolutely see-through. If there’s anything in suspension in your water, it’s best to not drink it and find a different bottle.” For proper hydration, inspect your bottle before pouring or drinking from it and make sure it’s nice and clear! 3/3

Flavor: The right water should be largely flavorless, like a sub-par cracker or Derek’s cooking. I take a big gulp of this (and because it’s not so strong, I can get a huge gulp down in one go and don’t have to worry about pacing myself!) and basically get cold texture, the feeling of liquid on my palette, but no real taste to go with it. Which is great! It won’t clash with what I’m eating at any time, and won’t ruin my palette for anything in the future! 20/20

Mouthfeel: No one likes to talk about mouthfeel. 5/5

Overall Impression: Nothing goes with a tailgate like alcohol, and nothing goes better with alcohol than proper hydration! Pick up a 24 pack of water for less fewer money than a six pack of worthwhile tailgate beer! It helps hydrate, helps to keep you sober enough to beat the World Champions of the World in cornhole, and is better for you than a 12 pack of sodas! 10/10

Scoring a perfect 50 of 50, water is a must-have for your tailgate. Make sure you pair your water with shade and sunscreen for the BEST tailgate experience. Oh, and Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. Can’t go wrong there.