Tailgating Essentials: My TED Talk

by Dan Spencer •  Jul 19, 2018  •  0 comments

Hey friends! It’s off-season time! Playoffs are done, the draft has happened, and now we’re in the terrible chasm of non-hockey. So it’s time to think ahead. I’m thinking ahead to tailgates, because I do love a good tailgate as much as the next person.

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Simply Delicious Guacamole

by Derek Roessler •  Jun 2, 2018  •  3 comments

While the main dish is the star of the show at any tailgate, snacks are critical. As the drinks keep flowing, the desire for finger foods and nibbling tends to increase. That’s why I love making (and eating) this no-nonsense guacamole for tailgates. I’m…

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Tailgate Beer Strategy Guide

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 6, 2018  •  0 comments

Hey friends! You remember last year, when I wrote up a guide on how to best prepare and execute the perfect tailgate experience? I’m back to expand on that. Last year’s End Of The Season Tailgate was great, and preparing for it was no…

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Section 328 End of Season Tailgate

by Derek Roessler •  Apr 2, 2018  •  0 comments

Hello friends (and enemies… I can’t be sure who’s reading this). Once again, our beloved Carolina Hurricanes won’t be playing postseason hockey, which means this Saturday’s home game is the last one we’ll see for months. Don’t be sad though. We’re going to have a…

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Essentials for a Great Tailgate

by Derek Roessler •  Jul 2, 2017  •  7 comments

Tailgating is a huge part of the Canes fan experience, and the right gear makes all the difference. We’ve tried a lot, like a LOT, of tailgate gear over the years, and here are some of our best recommendations for tailgating gear. Our pal Dan…

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The Brunch Tailgate

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Oct 13, 2013  •  0 comments

So, much to our happiness, other hockey teams have began to embrace the experience that is the pre-game tailgate.  Just look out our fellow Met division opponents @BlueJackets and their Saturday Columbus Weekend tailgate, which we applaud and look forward to attending one day.

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