Yesterday was a great day to be a Canes fan. For the first time in 10 years, PLAYOFF hockey is coming to Raleigh! While 99% of Canes fans are experiencing a wave of joy, and most people who support other teams are happy for this market, there are some people who have nothing better to do than hop on their Internet device of choice and let us know that it is us who are wrong.

Here’s a list of tired, weak, unoriginal crap that is likely to come our way (and already has). Please note that none of these can kill the buzz that was in the building last night or the sheer joy of making the playoffs. Instead, we’re either going to laugh at, or outright ignore all of the below:

  1. “Something something low attendance“. These are the laziest. Feel pity for people this unoriginal.
  2. “Where were all these fans (last week/month/year)?” Right here, bitch.
  3. “Stick to (basketball/NASCAR/etc.)” Learning new things is fun, for example, how “mute” works on Twitter.
  4. Raleigh isn’t a real hockey market”. These comments will likely be written in French.
  5. “Celebrations are bush league.” Who hurt you?
  6. “Your owner is going to move the team.” I mean, maybe, but even if that happens sometime, that time isn’t now. Kindly kick rocks.
  7. Something about the AAF. I mean, it sucks for those players, coaches, and teams, buuuuut what’s that got to do with the price of tea in China?
  8. “My favorite team still has more Cups.” Good for them. That must make you feel whole every single day.
  9. “Canes are going to lose in the first round anyway.” I LITERALLY could not care less. Getting into the playoffs is all I wanted. Anything else is winning with house money to me.
  10. “Didn’t you criticize this team for _____?” Yes, and?

When you encounter any of these lame-ass attempts to rob you or other Canes fans of joy. Feel bad for them, and keep on smiling and celebrating the fact that videos like this exist: