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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that people love brackets. You hand someone a bracket with options on it, and by goodness, they’ll fill that sucker out. Some may pontificate upon it until the last possible moment, others will complete the bracket post haste. Either way, brackets are fun, so let’s do one.

Word is that the Canes are experimenting with new goal songs, possibly replacing Blur’s Song 2. While it wouldn’t be missed by many, and we don’t know any potential replacements, we want to open it up to see what it ABSOLUTELY WON’T be. Check out our nominees for “Worst Possible Hurricanes Goal Song” and vote for your favorites (be they actual or ironic) below.

You can vote every hour, and the winners will move on at some point this week.

See the bracket here: http://brkc.co/39985

Crunk Division (Warning- songs are NSFW)

Lil’ Jon- “Throw It Up”

Yung Joc- “It’s Goin’ Down”

50 Cent- “I Get Money”

Ying Yang Twins- “Say I Yi Yi”

Bubblegum Division (Warning- may scar your ears)

Aqua- “Barbie Girl”

Britney Spears- “Oops I Did It Again”

Right Said Fred- “I’m Too Sexy”

Black Eyed Peas- Your Choice

All of their music sucks, and I’m not linking to any of it.

Somber Division (Warning- Sarah McLachlan appears)

Sarah McLachlan- “Angel”

Coldplay- “Clocks”

Owl City- “Fireflies”

Eric Clapton- “Tears In Heaven”

Worst of The Worst (Warning- These Shouldn’t Be Played)

Cannibal Corpse- “Kill or Become”

Gary Glitter- “Rock N Roll Part 2”

Not linking to a diddler.

Old Crow Medicine Show- “Wagon Wheel”

Not linking to this. You should know that.

and finally…

Blur- “Song 2”