It’s been a fun 24 hours of voting in round 1 of Horrible Canes Goal Song Ideas, and now we’re on to the semifinals. I’ve taken the winners (not sure if that’s really the right term here) from each division to move on to the Ultimate Quartet (don’t wan’t to get sued by the NCAA).

Here are your results from the opening round:

Crunk DivisionCrunk

Bubblegum Division: 


Somber Division:


Worst Division:


In this round, please vote for which 2 songs you think would be the Worst Canes Goal Song.

Ying Yang Twins- “Say I Yi Yi”

Britney Spears- “Oops I Did It Again”

Eric Clapton- “Tears In Heaven”

Old Crow Medicine Show- “Wagon Wheel”

Still not linking to this. You should know that.

Please vote for 2 songs