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Canes vs. Sens Recap (2/1/13)

by Derek Roessler •  Feb 2, 2013  •  0 comments

The buildup to opening night was more fun, beating Buffalo was a more exciting game, but last night's effort against Ottawa was the best complete game I've seen the Canes play thus far this season. Coming into the game Senators goaltender Craig Anderson led the league with some absurd stats (less than 1 GAA and a .960 sv %, both of which led the league) along with a team 5-1-1 record. However, they were without center Jason Spezza who is out 2 months due to back surgery, and Guillaume Latendresse who was out for... lets just say an evening of extreme couponing. On to the game!Muller must've been watching Semin.

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Buck Fuffalo: 1/24 Recap

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 25, 2013  •  0 comments

Some things in life are just a cut above others and affix an ear-to-ear smile on one's face: a sip of delicious beer, a perfectly cooked steak, and beating Buffalo.  Not sure what it is about Buffalo fans and why they have this odd sense of entitlement, but if you're unfamiliar with their specific genre of asshattery, you're lucky. Typically they're in the parking lot earlier than most (presumably b/c they didn't have to leave work), and rather than most other fanbases politely jabbing the home team, Sabres fans vocabulary is pretty much limited to profanity, "buffalo sabres," and "oh no, yet another season without us winning anything relevant." When any non-Buffalo visiting team scores, you'll hear cheers from the road fans, but when it's Buffalo, the yelling is usually accompanied by pointing and attempted taunts of the Caniacs regardless of how many goals their team is down by.

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Game 2 Recap (1/22 vs. TBL)

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 23, 2013  •  0 comments

After a beautiful, albeit rather cold day of tailgating, the PNC Arena was rocking and ready to watch the Canes forget about the sloppy start against Florida and win the home opener for only the 4th time in Hurricanes history.  That sure didn't happen.  Just a shade over 5 minutes in, Tom Pyatt got past Sanguinetti (that's 1) and batted in a beauty of a pass from Lecavalier to start the "oh shit, not this again" gasps from nearly everyone around us.  6 minutes (and probably 3 Corvo turnovers) later, Cory "who the hell am I" Conacher gets past E. Staal and banks in a rebound all while Sanguinetti was more focused on Lecavalier than the puck sitting in front of his netminder.  End of the first period, it's only 2-0 Tampa. IMPROVMENT!?

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Game 1 Recap (1/19 vs. Florida)

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 20, 2013  •  0 comments

Well, that wasn't exactly what we had in mind. After months of waiting, and days filled with visions of Staal, Staal, Semin, and Skinner terrorizing opposing netminders, we got to witness a bit of a clunker and more of our concerns than hopes were realized. Florida's first goal of the night (which kept our tradition of letting in player's 1st career goals alive) was largely a result of both poor defensive positioning. Huberdeau wasn't knocked out of the crease by the one defenseman who was anywhere near the net (Sanguinetti, who couldn't decide which guy to not cover), and Harrison was recovering from a missed check on Kovalev back in Gretzky's office. Not even 4 minutes into the game, and it's 1-0 bad guys.He shouldn't be this open.

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