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12/23/13 Recap: Canes vs. Blue Jackets

by Derek Roessler •  Dec 24, 2013  •  0 comments

What in the hell was that? For the first time all season the Hurricanes scored multiple power play goals but still found a way to lose. If ever there was a game where "snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" felt 100% accurate, last night's contest is it.  The first 50 minutes of the game featured good back-and-forth hockey (albeit with some REALLY ODD neutral zone play- including multiple donuts from Eric Staal at his own blue line), but as we've seen time and time again this season, if you don't play a full 60 minutes, you're probably not going to like the result.So many feelings

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Game Recap: Canes vs. Bruins 11/18/13

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 19, 2013  •  0 comments

Well, that sure did suck.  In the last 12 games, the Canes have posted a 5-game losing streak, followed by points in 5 straight, and now 2 humbling losses. Last night's effort (?) was made even worse by the amount of Bruins fans in the building who made a heck of a lot more noise than the home fans. This article won't be about the crappy, drunken behavior of SOME people wearing Boston attire, but let's just say Buffalo fans would be proud.  Back to the shitshow game!There are no words.

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Game Recap: Canes vs. Islanders 11/7/13

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 8, 2013  •  0 comments

Last night's Metropolitan division showdown featured two teams with almost the same season record, but entirely different narratives surrounding them. The Hurricanes entered Thursday with a 5-7-3 record and it's been nearly all doom and gloom (much of it justified) whenever the Canes are discussed in national media; the visiting New York Islanders brought a 6-6-3 record and are an "up-and-coming young team with more playoff aspirations." What the what!? Never mind the fact that the average ages of both teams are only a couple months apart, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good story.  With the exposition out of the way, it's time for some hockey.Ryan Murphy enjoys some of the treats he left in his burgeoning mustache.

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A (Small) Step in the Right Direction

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 6, 2013  •  0 comments

For the first and only time this season, the Hurricanes played a game on national television. As luck would have it, the Canes were not only riding a 5-game losing streak, but were also playing another team in a state of disarray, the Philadelphia Flyers. Since neither team was playing what one would call "good hockey," a majority of the upper bowl of the PNC Arena was empty. A few sections had less than 10 people in them; not what anyone wants, especially for a national TV game.  For the first 45 minutes or so of the game, both teams put forth an effort (?) that made nearly everyone just about as loud as those thousands of empty seats. It was so bad that Mike Milbury called the game one of the worst he's see in 40 years. Keep in mind, folks, Mike Milbury was part of a game in which he beat a fan with a shoe. The sad part is, he might not be wrong on this one.Let the trolling of Philly commence!

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10/28 Recap: Canes vs. Penguins

by Derek Roessler •  Oct 29, 2013  •  0 comments

Show of hands: who thought the Canes would win this contest? Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Yeah, didn't think so.  After a road trip that featured zero points, two losses, and three injuries, hosting a team featuring some guy named Crosby wasn't likely the remedy for all that ailed us. Then again, it's often games like last night's where the Canes come out and surprise everyone with a 4-1 win.  Sadly, that was not the case. Let's jump right into it after this picture of Eric Staal making his way to the bench for a line change.Hoooooold onnnnnn guyyyyyssss, I'mmmma get there.

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Canes vs. Caps Recap: What up, Lindholm!?

by Derek Roessler •  Oct 11, 2013  •  0 comments

Damn, that was a fine game of stick and puck last night, no? It was almost like we saw two different Hurricanes teams last night, and in contrast to the first 3 games, the boys played their best hockey in the final stanza.  This game had everything: rookie goal scorers, bitter Caps fans, and a human douchebag. What's a human douchebag? You know, it's that thing where a referee wears #20 and makes horrible calls all night.   Let's take a closer look at the game after the jump.Caps fans' booing only makes him stronger.

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Opening Weekend Review

by Derek Roessler •  Oct 7, 2013  •  0 comments

Happy Monday everyone! We're now 2 games deep into the 2013-14 Hurricanes season, and the boys in the Team Canada New Storm jerseys start this week with a 1-0-1 record. Out of convenience (certainly NOT because we were nursing hangovers on Saturday), we'll look back at the Detroit and Philly games in one piece.OMG GUYS!! QWERTY IS AMAZING!!

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Canes vs. Jets Recap (2/21)

by Derek Roessler •  Feb 22, 2013  •  0 comments

Due to injuries, the lines were all jumbled up, especially on defense.  Here comes tiny Ryan Murphy!Looked pretty good in his NHL debut. Played over 23 minutes and didn't shit the bed.The was full of abysmal faceoffs thanks to the WORST linesmen we've ever seen. Yes, we saw the Duchene goal.   Just 2 minutes in, this happened:Just photoshop a Canes jersey here

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Canes vs. Habs Recap (2/18)

by Derek Roessler •  Feb 19, 2013  •  0 comments

Last night we were witness to what seemed like two very different hockey games. The first two periods featured a strangely entertaining back and forth game, in which Montreal certainly had more chances and more offensive pressure, but Cam Ward was THAT DUDE and kept the boys in white tied at a goose egg through the first 40 minutes.  Then came the shit show that was the third period.  Perhaps we should've seen a strange game coming with the rash of injures the Canes have seen in the past several days.First, Joni is out "day-to-day" with a lower-body injury and misses the Toronto game. Then the day of the Toronto game, it's announced that Gleason will sit against the Leafs after reports of looking nothing like himself (too many 12 oz drinks?) at the pre-game skate. Both were initially "day-to-day" but have since been retroactively placed on IR.  During last Thursday's game, Lil Baby Savard was not so kindly introduced to the end boards, but continued to play the rest of the game (what happened to the dark room?). Sunday it was announced that Skinner wouldn't make the trip to the land of poutine because of an "upper-body injury" which is CERTAINLY NOT A CONCUSSION, RIGHT?? Finally, everyone's favorite Field & Stream subscriber, Tim Brent apparently sustained an injury in practice and was ruled out of last night's contest.  That left the Canes without two of their top 4 defenseman, 2nd leading scorer, a good penalty killer (well, none really fit that bill this season, but you know what we mean), and 2 key pieces of the power play.  Based on all the callups, the Checkers had to resort to desperate measures

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Canes vs. Flyers Recap (The deflation game)

by Derek Roessler •  Feb 3, 2013  •  0 comments

Well, that game sure was reminiscent of a certain road game in Florida. Seriously, compare the two games: we outshot Philly 42-24 and Florida 42-25; 0-6 on the PP against Florida, 1-6 (from Dwyer??); and in both games we allowed 3 power play goals by the other team in addition to letting the game get away early before controlling play long after the outcome was no longer in doubt. Another LOVELY experience watching the Canes. But it's not all doom and gloom here, there were still a few good things to take away from last night's tussle in The City That Hates Santa.Bitch, I used to farm sod!

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