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Canes vs. Leafs 1/19 Recap: STAAL SMASH

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 20, 2015  •  0 comments

Can we tell this team that there's a week-long break coming up after every game? Last nights 4-1 beating of Toronto was one hell of a fun contest to watch. Carolina not only jumped out to an early lead, but they also kept playing to win through the final buzzer; a welcome sight for Canes fans.4th line scoring machine Brad Malone celebrates with 3 other snipers.

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Canes vs. Canucks 1/16 Recap: A Big Ball of #Meh

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 17, 2015  •  0 comments

Here's how you know last night's game wasn't good: Chad LaRose was discussed multiple times on the Aftermath postgame show. I know there was a great article about Chad and his journey back to professional hockey this week on ESPN, but just.... stop it.  At this point (or any point in his career, really) Chad LaRose would AT BEST be a small piece in a winning formula. It really bugs me that so many fans honestly believe that what this team is more guys like LaRose before they admit they need more guys with loads of NHL-level talent. Oh, right, last night's game...Rare shot of Ward making a save last night

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Canes vs. Avs 1/13 Recap: Another Damn Shootout

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 14, 2015  •  0 comments

On a night where a threat of ice loomed, it was only appropriate that the Avalanche came to town. Despite the potential wintry weather not forecast to start until well after the game would be over, it was apparently enough to scare people away. Luckily for those cheering for the Hurricanes, the guys in red weren't scared one bit."Hey guys, I did it. Yaaaaaay."

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Canes vs. Sabres 1/8 Recap: Everybody Gets A Goal!

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 9, 2015  •  0 comments

If an offensive explosion occurs, and no one is there to see it, did it really happen? The Canes whooped up on Buffalo last night, scoring 5 goals for the first time since the Clinton administration (or Nov. 18). One can only imagine that kids in developing nations will be getting boxes of "Buffalo Sabres: 2015 McEichel Bowl Champions" t-shirts within a few weeks.OH MY GOD!! Myers hit Gerbe so hard that his head turned into an older man's head!

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Canes vs. Rangers Weekend Recap: This Is An NHL Team?

by Derek Roessler •  Dec 22, 2014  •  0 comments

Remember Thursday night's game against the Leafs? Remember seeing the Canes score 4 goals? Well, hold on tight to those memories because the offensive woes that have plagued this team nearly all month were back in full force this weekend, particularly Sunday night in MSG.Though this looks like a still picture, it's actually Eric skating at what he considers top speed.

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Canes vs. Leafs 12/18 Recap: SCOREGASM!

by Derek Roessler •  Dec 19, 2014  •  0 comments

If there's a surer sign of a trap game than a team on a 6-game winning streak playing a team on a 6-game losing streak, I haven't seen it. Especially when the team on a winning streak is one that many players around the league grew up supporting, because they're GOODONTARIOBOYS. Potentially confusing exposition aside, last night's contest was one that surely came as a relief to Canes fans and players.Out-of-focus Chris Terry is pleased

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Canes vs. Habs 12/16 Recap: Rinse and Repeat

by Derek Roessler •  Dec 17, 2014  •  0 comments

As a result of the Canes losing a 6th straight game in which they've scored but one goal, I'll not be writing a full game recap (you're welcome, or sorry... whichever one is more applicable to your thoughts on my writing).  Instead, I'll be jumping on the new internet phenomenon of GIFs to summarize the 60 minute contest.  Enjoy!1st Period:

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Canes vs. Devils 12/8 Recap: Spray and Pray

by Derek Roessler •  Dec 9, 2014  •  0 comments

On the heels of a 3-1 loss to Detroit the night before, YOUR Carolina Hurricanes took to the ice last night against the New Jersey Devils. Eric Staal played after being a game time decision, Tim Gleason and Alex Semin would man the press box along with Zach Boychuk, and GOOD GOD THAT'S BRAD MALONE'S MUSIC!Cory Schneider, 3-time American Gleeking Champion

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