Hi hockey friends. YOUR Carolina Hurricanes bring a 2-0 series lead to Raleigh this Wednesday and you better believe we’re tailgating. Get the details below and come say hi.

When: Wednesday afternoon. Some of us will probably be there by 3. Most of us by 5. Arrive when you can.

Where: see this handy map:

Will there be beer? Thanks to our friends at New Belgium, we will have beer to share. Depending on how many of you beauties show up, it may not be enough to fill your livers.

We highly encourage you to bring foods of your choice and to stop by Bottlemixx before the game to get your favorite beer and/or wine.

*Note: if you look underage or we don’t know you, we will be carding people who wish to partake of community beer. Laws is laws.

Will there be food? Yes! In addition to tailgaters bringing food to share, Papa Murphy’s will be bringing delicious pizza for all to enjoy.

The weather looks great and we can’t wait to pregame with everyone!