Leadership Is Not Built on Goals Alone

by Pat Clarke •  Oct 19, 2016  •  4 comments

You know what grinds my gears? Beat reporters offing knee-jerk ideas to a guy scoring a goal or two. The Caniac Twittervese was already salty yesterday, but I apparently threw a giant log on the fire. During the third period in the match against…

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Jay McClement: Why?

by Canealytics •  @Cane_alytics •  Oct 4, 2016  •  0 comments

Being entrenched in the various hockey social media networks allows us to get a sense of who the infamous players are. Players that are so notoriously bad or dirty, or both, at hockey that they take on a larger-than-life persona among their team’s fans’ twitter…

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The Top Ten Lazy 16-17 Hurricanes Season Narratives

by Canealytics •  @Cane_alytics •  Sep 23, 2016  •  7 comments

Everyone likes a good story. Stories create shared experiences and bring groups of people together. We like stories so much we even create them when they aren't really there. If the stories are there, sometimes they are over-inflated and discussed ad nauseum. This is especially true in sports, and hockey is no exception. For example, were you aware that Jordan Staal had a brother and they used to be on the same team? Throughout a game and NHL season there is so much going that our brains make sense of it all by creating these scripts, patterns, narratives, or plain old bullshit about what happens out there on the ice.In sports we create narratives for the players we love, the players we love to hate, the teams that visit PNC and bring the entire city of Cary with them, and so on and so on. It helps us create a shared culture as fans and come together as a group. Bloggers and journalists rely on narrative to make their stories compelling and relatable.  Sometimes they're relied on a bit too much and don't work out. Phil Kessel likes hot dogs. Maybe that old guy free agent pick up has a great compete level, or he's a good locker room guy, or maybe he has the drive to win. Eventually we're all guilty of creating or using a tired narrative. I know I am.

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An Introduction and Reflections on Canes Prospect Camp

by Pat Clarke •  Jul 14, 2016  •  6 comments

(Ed. note: this was written by Patrick Clarke, aka @CanesProspects.) Part of my hockey background is in coaching and officiating, where I developed an eye for evaluating talent. Enjoying individual skill development, sometimes I like watch practices and games, and focus on individual players rather…

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The Voices We Grow Up On

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Jun 23, 2016  •  3 comments

Sometimes, when you are in the middle of something very special each and every day, you don’t know how very good you have it.  Too often, only when a layer of security that has been part of the fabric of your day to day life…

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