20 Games Down, 62 To Go

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 24, 2014  •  0 comments

After Saturday night's game against Colorado, the Canes now have 20 games in the books, putting them at the quarter point of the season (well, 82 isn't cleanly divisible by 4).At the beginning of the season, most "experts" predicted the Hurricanes to be near the bottom of the standings. That was before Jordan Staal, Jeff Skinner, and Eric Staal all got hurt. Thankfully for Canes fans, games aren't played on paper, right? Wellllllll.... We all know the outcomes: October was a dumpster fire, Novermber started strong, and has recently become a hodgepodge of outcomes.

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Litmus Test Road Trip

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 18, 2014  •  0 comments

YOUR Carolina Hurricanes kick off their second 5-game road trip of the season tonight against the Dallas Stars. Currently the Canes are last in the division, and only ahead of Buffalo in the NHL standings. For the optimists, Carolina is only 5 points out of third place - and a playoff spot- in the Metro.  With non-eastern time zone games against a struggling Dallas club, a Kings squad that just added McBain (LOL), and an Avalanche team that is as predictable as Patrick Roy's emotions, the Canes will bookend Thanksgiving with matchups against the surprisingly decent Panthers, and the absurdly good Penguins.Yes, I know the Canes will travel by air.

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I’ll Be Gone In November

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 16, 2014  •  0 comments

Who knew that changing one preposition could turn Wyclef Jean into Alex Semin? Whenever Alex Semin's name is brought up, almost regardless of circumstance, the conversation invariably becomes hockey's version of CNN Crossfire. One broadcaster says something negative about Semin, and it's dismissed as "well, that guy doesn't know what he's talking about". Another guy behind a mic says Sasha is a coach killer and the response is "man, that guy is so biased!" Local media mentions a poor shift from Alex and it's "the team is telling them to say that so they can bury him." A former player says Alex has all the talent in the world, but "just doesn't care" and again, fans find a reason to knock Semin's former teammate.  Jeff O'Neill says Semin misses time every November, and fans respond by questioning O'Neill's own work history in the league.Much of the criticism around Semin comes in the form of broad statements about intangibles like "effort, hustle, give a shit" etc... However, O'Neill's comment about missing time in November was something concrete at its core. Since I've also heard this comment echoed by others, I figured I'd look into that a little bit more to see if there's validity to that claim.

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Ice Time Is Indeed The Hammer

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 12, 2014  •  0 comments

You've certainly heard the quote from head coach Bill Peters a lot, especially in the blue-tinted ad that has the look and feel of a futuristic psychotic thriller. In his first meeting with local media, Peters made the statement that he has the hammer, and "ice time is the hammer".  Just over a month into the season, he's stuck to his word, and it's paying dividends of late."You wanna play in OT? Maybe you should've thought about that when you were dragging ass in the 2nd."

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So Your Team Sucks: A Guide To Making It Through The Season

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Oct 8, 2014  •  0 comments

The signs are everywhere. Every season preview has your team picked to be dead last. Your team's best players are considered fantasy "sleepers" at best. Your team's merchandise is shoved to a back table or even missing to make room for other teams' merchandise, despite the fact that it's their offseason. Your driver's license says "Cleveland, OH".Who predicts that the Canes will make the playoffs? Anyone... Anyone...You finally comes to grips with it - you root for a crappy team.

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The Great(?) Goalie Debate

by Derek Roessler •  Oct 2, 2014  •  0 comments

With Jordan Staal on the shelf for a few months, the question of "will the Canes make the playoffs?" has moved to the back burner in favor of "who will be the number one goalie?".  Plenty of fans already have their minds made up who they want in net whether that man is Cam Ward or Anton Khudobin. Thankfully we're not Philly and it's not just the loudest voices that get what they want.  Coach Peters said he wants a stud goaltender that can play a full workload and that preseason games and camp would help him arrive at the decision. With just 2 games that don't count left, it's almost time to name a starter.

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Signifcant Injuries and the Team Responses

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Oct 2, 2014  •  0 comments

When Jordan Staal went down in the second preseason game of the 2014-15 season with as many twists as a Vince Russo storyline (and nearly as painful to watch), the grave that had been dug for the Carolina Hurricanes by the traditional media got six feet deeper and just predicting a dead last finish in the Metropolitan Division was no longer good enough - suddenly the Canes had bumped the Sabres from their throne of Connor McDavid inheritance because there could be no team worse than the Jordan-less Canes.

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Training Camp: Day One

by Derek Roessler •  Sep 19, 2014  •  0 comments

Today kicked off the first training camp under new head coach Bill Peters, and it marks the first time that the Carolina Hurricanes will have a new head coach getting a full training camp in his first season. I got a first look at the new coach and his methods at prospect camp earlier this summer, but working with prospects and working with seasoned professionals are two very different animals.  There were, and still are, plenty of questions around the team right now. How will Peters' reputation as a no-nonsense guy evidence itself in training camp? Who will be the #1 goalie for the club? What about line combos and defensive pairings? None of those questions were truly resolved today, so I might be a bit of a jerk for mentioning them.  On to camp!

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Is It October Yet?

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Sep 12, 2014  •  0 comments

On Tuesday, I wrote a little bit of BASIC programming code that summed up what I think nearly every Canes fan is thinking right now. And this is it. Courtesy of our own @MrWorkrate: 10 ? “#ISITOCTOBERYET” 20 IF MONTH=10…

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NHL 15 First Impressions: PS3

by Derek Roessler •  Sep 6, 2014  •  0 comments

Disclaimer: I've only played the Early Release (demo) version on PS3. I realize the final product may differ from this version in some ways. More importantly, I have no affiliation with EA Sports and am in no way responsible for the quarter-assed effort that went into making this game. I'm also not going to get into ALL the complaints, issues, and general disappointments that surround the lack of content on next-gen versions of NHL 15. If you love the gameplay in NHL 14, you'll love the gameplay in NHL 15. Why, you might ask. Well, that's because it's the same damn thing.  Upon loading the game, the home screen looks exactly the same save for Patrice Bergeron being visible instead of Martin Brodeur.

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