Quick shot: Canes Re-sign Brody Sutter

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Jul 17, 2015  •  0 comments

The Canes announced this week that the team had re-signed forward Brody Sutter, the team’s lone remaining restricted free agent, to a one-year, two-way deal worth $600,000 at the NHL level and $85,000 at the AHL level. Sutter made his Canes debut last season, posting no…

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Noah Hanifin Signs With Canes- Now What?

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Jul 14, 2015  •  8 comments

On Saturday, the Carolina Hurricanes had their yearly "Summerfest Celebration" event, capping off a week of prospect development camp with an open event for fans to come see new Canes prospects in action, get a few autographs, and attend some panels, including a "Canes Insider" panel featuring our own Mike Flanagan.For some though, the highlight was the "State Of The Canes Address" where Hall of Fame radio voice of the Canes Chuck Kaiton interviewed GM Ron Francis, Gale Force Sports and Entertainment President Don Waddell, and Canes Head Coach Bill Peters. While the questions went from probing to mundane (just saying - I could easily argue for a hot dog being a sandwich if I wanted to), in a slick bit of PR, the team used the Q&A (and a crowd of a few thousand fans) to sign their first round selection, Noah Hanifin, to a three-year entry level contract, ending speculation that he would return to college this coming season, and beginning his professional career.Photo credit @NHLCanesSo, what does this mean for the Hurricanes?

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A Draft, Some Trades, and A Buyout Walk Into A Bar…

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Jul 3, 2015  •  0 comments

Hurricanes General Manager Ron Francis has been developing a reputation as a GM who doesn't make his intentions well known to those outside the organization, instead "playing his cards close to his vest". This is the polar opposite of what his predecessor has done in recent seasons, and it left a bit of mystery going into this past weekend with the draft, leading up to the start of free agency. Let's take a look at what's gone down the last week.

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Canes Trade Odds- (Please Don’t) Place Your Bets!

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Jan 22, 2015  •  0 comments

Despite a 6-2-1 January record and the team looking (usually) like a team that's better than the third worst in the league, the reality of the 2014-15 season is that the Carolina Hurricanes are not making the playoffs. And as is the rule for any team not thought to be within playoff reach by the All-Star break, the "players for sale" sign will go up (if it hasn't already) and the fans will start questioning if their favorite player is going to be here when Casino Night rolls around.I've heard the term "fire sale" thrown around whenever a team is considered to be a "seller" around this time. Fire sales are reserved for teams that had high expectations going into the season, failed, and want to "blow up the team". This isn't what's going to take place in Carolina. If you're unsure if your team is having a fire sale, ask yourself the following questions:Did your team make an irrational trade or trades, such as dealing two similar players but taking on more salary or getting older? Is your team's management using terms like "change the culture", "needed a shakeup", and "veteran presence"? Is your GM Mike Milbury?If you said yes to any of those questions, you're having a fire sale. (And if you said yes to #3, seek immediate medical attention.)That said, trades are going to be made. Is one of your favorites out the door? I consulted with the top oddsmakers in Las Vegas, and when none of them returned my calls, I just made up the odds myself. REMEMBER: These odds are for entertainment purposes only. No wagering.

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Starting From The Bottom or Why I’ve Embraced the Suck

by Derek Roessler •  Jan 6, 2015  •  0 comments

As this season progresses, it's increasingly apparent that the Canes have next to zero chance of making the playoffs. By virtue of starting off 2015 with a 2-game winning streak, their chances of participating in the postseason improved to 0.02%. I'm no math major, but those odds are slim at best.  According to Sports Club Stats, even if this team were to go 31-8-4 in the second half of the year, they STILL would have just a 52%chance at making the postseason.Conversely, if the Canes improve their winning percentage and go 15-22-6 to close out the year, they have greater than a 50% chance of finishing with a guaranteed top 3 pick.So, were you a betting sort, which sounds more likely for this Carolina Hurricanes club: 16-22-6 or 31-8-4? Put your fan hat aside, because I'm not asking which one you prefer but which seems more likely.SOON

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Event Recap: Exclusive Full STH All-Access Party

by Derek Roessler •  Dec 29, 2014  •  0 comments

On the heels of a(nother) one-goal loss, the Canes took the PNC Arena ice in front of full season ticket holders for a practice, as well as some other events. Full season ticket holders were treated to Q&A sessions with Ron Francis and many of the coaches, building tours, complimentary food and drink, and the ill-fated Canes/fans "Olympics".Shortly after 11am, John Forslund sat down with GM Ron Francis for a bit of a State of the Canes session. Francis was refreshingly transparent (without naming specific players- Jordan Staal's return aside) and shared some of his short and long-term plans with the crowd. While I'd love to share all the details, I'd much rather encourage folks who would like to gain this sort of information to purchase season tickets. Attending events like this is a big part of the reason that I plunk down money for full season tickets, and disseminating specifics seems contradictory to the "exclusive" portion of the event.

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Canes vs. Caps 12/4 Recap: TACO TOWN!!

by Derek Roessler •  Dec 5, 2014  •  0 comments

As of 9pm EST, our long Caniac Nation nightmare is over. Alex Semin no longer has a bagel in the goals column. Unfortunately for Canes fans and Anton Khudobin, the Capitals ended up leaving with 2 points on a night where the home team put forth a very up and down effort.

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Quarter Season Awards: These Will Likely Change

by Section328 •  Nov 26, 2014  •  0 comments

A quarter of the ’14-’15 NHL season has come and gone, ah the memories. Seems like just yesterday they had a dry scrape before overtime, remember? Well, it’s that time to sit down and think about some of the individuals who have impressed up until this point of the season. The season is long and there is certainly a long stretch of highway to go till the finish line, but, it’s worth pointing out who the leading candidates are for the NHL awards a quarter of the way through the season.Here we go…Hart Trophy – Candidates: Vladimir Tarasenko STL, Steven Stamkos TB, Sidney Crosby PIT

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Name Your Price And Save: Hurricanes Trade Value Rankings

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Nov 25, 2014  •  0 comments

The march through the regular season is in full swing, and thusfar it's been a roller coaster ride for Canes fans. Once you think the team starts playing poorly and you get ready for a horrible season (but potentially a date with Connor McDavid), they reel off a few wins in a row and look like a team that's clicking. Then, when you start to get excited that the team is better than you imagined and Jim Mora's least favorite "P word" starts to get mentioned by some, Paul Maurice comes by and slaps you down. This is the type of thing that turned Brutus Beefcake into the Zodiac.Here's the reality, though. By the end of February, it's unlikely that the Carolina Hurricanes roster will look like it does today. Players get dealt, whether it be because they're not working out, they're pending free agents, or a deal comes around that's just too good to pass up. As the days and weeks pass, there will be a lot of discussion about dealing players, and what the team could get from them. I thought it'd be helpful to put together a list of "value" of the players on the Canes roster. For right now, I'm sticking to players on the current NHL roster, but this list will eventually expand to all the players the Hurricanes organization currently has under contract, or retains the rights to.

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