Reflections on Game 1

by Derek Roessler •  Apr 12, 2019  •  1 comment

(Ed. note: this is a guest post from Pat Keogh, aka @pdk_hockey. Want to contribute a guest post? Send us an email: mail AT section328.com and we’ll be happy to take a look.) The Canes are in the playoffs. This has been a long…

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On Being a Fan: Making It Through the Wilderness

by Meg •  Apr 6, 2019  •  4 comments

A decade of fandom futility is a hell of a thing. It’s not usually something a fan goes into knowingly. One day you’re watching Evgeni Malkin score a hat trick in your own barn while your favorite team gets swept in the Eastern Conference finals,…

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Miss Us with These Takes

by Derek Roessler •  Apr 5, 2019  •  1 comment

Yesterday was a great day to be a Canes fan. For the first time in 10 years, PLAYOFF hockey is coming to Raleigh! While 99% of Canes fans are experiencing a wave of joy, and most people who support other teams are happy for this…

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There IS Crying in Hockey

by Derek Roessler •  Mar 30, 2019  •  1 comment

I cried at today’s Canes game and I know I’m not alone. Everyone watching the game today knew what was at stake. The Canes couldn’t clinch a playoff spot, nor could they be eliminated regardless of the outcome. What felt all but certain after…

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On Being A Fan: POC Perspectives

by Section328 •  Nov 8, 2018  •  0 comments

Ed note: As part of Meg’s series on fandom, we heard from many who appreciated her exploration of what it means to be a fan beyond being mad on the Internet. This, thankfully, also opened the door to non-white and non-male fans…

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Why Carolina Should Trade for William Nylander

by Pat Clarke •  Nov 6, 2018  •  2 comments

Whether Maple Leafs’ restricted free agent forward William Nylander is truly on the trade market or not is anyone’s guess. But that shouldn’t stop GM Voltron and the Hurricanes from trying to acquire the player. Through 14 games, the Canes have a grand total of…

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Why Carolina Shouldn’t Trade for Nylander

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 5, 2018  •  2 comments

There’s been a lot of smoke lately around the notion that if Toronto were to trade William Nylander that the Carolina Hurricanes would be very interested. On paper, Carolina has the pieces (see: a surplus of right-shot defensemen) to make such a move. While the young…

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