Mix this drink better than I photoshopped it

With the newest addition to the team, I wanted to give everyone a quick updated take on one of my favorite cocktails: The Gardener Gardiner!

  • One (1) Bunch of maple leafs cilantro
  • One (1) serrano pepper
  • Some (?) peeled ginger (this is to taste, but not too much. He’s not Brock McGinn)
  • Some (?) simple syrup

Puree all this together (the simple syrup should be about the same amount of the ginger to get a good consistency) and strain it into a container. It’ll make way more than you need for one drink, but it keeps well in the freezer. Like if I had to give it points, it’d get, say, 245 points over 10 years on ice.

Take one (1) ounce of this puree, two (2) ounces of mezcal (I’ve also seen it with gin and honestly you can’t go wrong either way but mezcal adds a smokiness to it that is 100% worth the agave-based hangovers I get), and one (1) ounce fresh lime juice. Throw all of this in a shaker with some ice and get to shaking! Strain through the ice into a martini glass to get a bright green beverage!

Be careful, though! With a fresh, zesty zing and a smoky finish, this drink could become a HABit. Instead of letting that happen, substitute the mezcal/gin for rum, add some grenadine and orange juice, and just make it a Hurricane instead.