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How We Got Here: Tom

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Apr 8, 2019  •  0 comments

February 14th, 2013. Well, I mean, my hockey fandom goes back a little further than that. Having grown up on Long Island during the time of one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time, I was an Islander fan by association. The fire department…

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Miss Us with These Takes

by Derek Roessler •  Apr 5, 2019  •  1 comment

Yesterday was a great day to be a Canes fan. For the first time in 10 years, PLAYOFF hockey is coming to Raleigh! While 99% of Canes fans are experiencing a wave of joy, and most people who support other teams are happy for this…

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Tailgate Strategy Guide: Season Finale Edition

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 3, 2019  •  2 comments

Hey, friends. It’s time for another Big Tailgate, so it’s time for another Tailgate Strategy Guide from yours truly. This one’s important. No matter the outcome, there will be clinching. Will we be clinching a playoff spot or clinching our collective butt cheeks with bated…

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There IS Crying in Hockey

by Derek Roessler •  Mar 30, 2019  •  1 comment

I cried at today’s Canes game and I know I’m not alone. Everyone watching the game today knew what was at stake. The Canes couldn’t clinch a playoff spot, nor could they be eliminated regardless of the outcome. What felt all but certain after…

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