I often start my beer reviews with some variation of “if you know me, you know I love (insert style here).” Preamble aside, I love sours. Sours can be tricky though, because unlike IPAs, I feel they take more skill to get right and you can’t just throw a bunch of delicious Citra hops in at the end to cover faults in your beer and call it a day. That’s why when I saw a new sour from D9 Brewing, my eyes lit up. Not only are they in North Carolina (support NC beer), but those folks do sours right. If you see any of their sours from Viking to Ezekiel 25:17 on a shelf, do yourself a favor and pick them up. Read on about how delicious this D9 Carnaval truly is.

On this week’s podcast, I thoroughly enjoyed Carnaval from D9. It’s described by the brewery as follows: “Passion Fruit & Creme Sour Ale Inspired by a beloved Brazillian dessert, Carnaval dances buoyantly on the palate. Tart, heady passion-fruit tangos with smooth sweet cream for a satisfying, sensuous drinking experience.” I don’t know what plans they have for the beer by calling it sensuous, but it’s truly delicious.

Carnaval pours a brilliant, golden yellow (as seen above) with almost no head on the beer whatsoever. Once I poured it into the glass, that sour aroma sensation woke my nose up, and it was followed by juicy passion fruit. The nose has nothing on the palate of this beauty though.

The first sensation I had when drinking Carnaval was that it’s tart. If you’re not used to sours, it’s probably going to make the sides of your mouth pucker, but only momentarily. It’s followed by a wonderfully unique combination of juicy, tropical fruit and sweet cream flavors. I truly can’t recall that mix before, and it works so well to balance out the sour in the beer to make for an amazingly complex experience. Carnaval still has the light body of a sour, but the addition of that cream flavor makes it feel like there’s more texture there. It has a surprisingly dry finish which only made me want to keep drinking more of it.

I highly recommend this beer, particularly if you’re already a fan of sours. If you’re not a fan, or haven’t tried sours, the best recommendation I have when trying them is to take a sip, leave it alone for a minute, then go back and have another sip or two to let the “shock” of a sour wear off. If you’re still not a fan, that’s fine too!

Head on over to Bottlemixx and pick up some Carnaval before it’s gone. They’re only a couple bucks or so for a 12oz bottle of a 5.5% abv beer. Well, WELL worth the money. I know I’m getting more soon!

This beer review is sponsored by our friends at Bottlemixx in North Raleigh. All comments on the beer are 100% ours.