On the latest edition of Cheaters Never Win, I cracked open a bottle of New Belgium Mural. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, but let’s just say I came away really impressed with this beer.

New Belgium has long been one of my favorite breweries. For parties, picking up a mixed case of their beers is always a solid move, and when I want something really good, their Lips of Faith series has always delivered.

When I opened the bottle, no aromas truly jumped out, but I caught my first surprise when it poured a faint amber, almost pink, color. I’ve only had one other beer that I’d describe as pink, and it was awful. Thankfully, Mural is anything but that.

New Belgium describes the aromas as “watermelon, with brisk lime, lemon and fresh green apples. Light hibiscus rounds it out” and while I don’t know that I got the apples, I’d say this beer smelled light, refreshing, fruity (while not being sweet), and slightly floral.

I’ve never had the Mexican fruit-infused beverages which inspire this beer, but now I want them. I truly enjoyed the hell out of Mural. This beer has the body of a gose without the tart/salty component, it’s fruity but not sweet thanks to the lime flavor, and couldn’t be more refreshing. My only regret when drinking it last night was that I wasn’t poolside with that beer.

Mural is 4.2% ABV, comes in 12 ounce bottles, and I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who likes good beers for the pool, and especially to people who normally prefer ciders. I know I’ll be buying more soon.

This beer review is sponsored by our friends at Bottlemixx in North Raleigh. All comments on the beer are 100% ours.