Friends, let me tell you about a beer you need in your life. It’s from Epic Brewing out in Colorado, and it goes by the name Son of a Baptist.

Son of a Baptist

If you’re a fan of exceedingly delicious barrel aged stouts, you’ve probably heard of Big Bad Baptist. This is that beer’s little brother. Son of a Baptist is still an imperial stout that uses coffee from a different coffee roaster in each batch. You’ll find their name stamped on the bottom of each can. As luck would have it, this batch uses Dynamite coffee who’s based in Black Mountain, NC.

As soon as I opened this can, coffee aromas damn near jumped out and smacked me in the face. Poured into a nice glass, it’s a dark brown color (but not pitch black like Big Bad Baptist) with a nice tan head on top. Here is where you’ll start to pick up more of the roasted malt and chocolate aromas to mingle with the coffee scents from a moment prior.

How does it taste? Well, dear reader, I’m glad you asked. It tastes absolutely delicious. It’s rich, smooth, roasty, smoky, chocolatey, and filled with wonderful coffee notes. I truly can’t believe that a 12 ounce can of this is only a couple bucks at Bottlemixx. It’s 8% ABV, so while it packs a punch, it won’t knock you completely out.

If you’re a fan of coffee beers, go get this one. If you’ve never had a coffee beer, this is a great entry point. Either way, head over to Bottlemixx in north Raleigh and tell them 328 sent you to get some Son of a Baptist. Cheers!

This beer review is sponsored by our friends at Bottlemixx in North Raleigh. All comments on the beer are 100% ours.