Over the past few years, my interest in both pumpkin and Christmas beers has waned. Not to say there aren’t still good options, but I think I overdid it on both of those from say 2011-2015. However, there are still a few that I can’t stay away from. Fireside Chat from 21st Amendment is one of them. Once the weather gets good and cold, it’s time to grab a six pack of this winter spiced ale, pop the top on a can, and sit by a roaring fire. Let’s dig into this brew, shall we?

This beer review is sponsored by our friends at Bottlemixx in North Raleigh. All comments on the beer are 100% ours. 

Fireside Chat pours a beautiful amber, bordering on light brown, color in the glass with a nice thin layer of off-white foam. While this beer is certainly holiday spiced, the aromas don’t hit you like a bag of potpourri the way some lesser seasonal beers might. That’s a great thing. The brewery doesn’t say which spices are in here (aside from cocoa nibs, but that’s not a spice), but I would venture a guess that cinnamon, vanilla, and allspice are involved. Foodies and beer geeks, feel free to @ me and let me know what you think is in here.

As the aroma would suggest, this flavors in this beer strike a great balance between being a well made English style ale, and also a seasonal brew. Coming in at a shade under 8% alcohol, there is a noticeable warmth to the beer which helps round out the flavors and holiday spirit I look for this time of year. Most importantly, each sip finishes dry, making me want another sip as opposed to being over the top and three tastes is enough.

At around $10 for a six pack, this is a no-brainer recommendation from this guy. You can pick up a sixer, or just try one or two when you stop by Bottlemixx in north Raleigh and load up for the holidays. Cheers!