Before I start this, allow me one small confession: I love Tripp Tracy. I do. I think he has interesting things to say. I think he is really, really smart, and sometimes sounds dumb for it. I do think he’s a rah-rah man for the Canes, but what else is the color guy supposed to do? I think the Canes broadcasts wouldn’t be the same without him, and I think that would be a bad thing.

That said, we all have moments of “Tripp said what?!?”

See, I’ll be watching the game, half-listening to John and Tripp in the background, waiting for “Darling says NO!” or “Hey, hey, whadya ya say!”, and then I’ll catch a word or two, “adult diapers” or “Taco Bell” followed by “clogging.”

Wait, what?

So, here are my top three from Tripp at the Canes / Blue Jackets game on Friday Night

Number 3: Baseball is the reason for good goalies in the US.

According to Tripp, in Europe and Russia baseball isn’t very popular. But in America, it is! And because of that, non-American goalies aren’t as good at catching high shots at the net. Because apparently they didn’t play catch with their dads…

Number 2: A private conversation is very private.

After the Islanders game on Thursday Night, Rob Brind’Amour pulled Aho, Ferland, and Teravainen aside after the last game, privately, and privately told them he needed more from their line. He said “in private.” If you took a shot every time Tripp used the word “private” you’d be dead before the end of the second period.

Number 1: Could Tripp start doing celebrity sponsorships?

Okay, so this was a pre-game, time-filling thing because the folks at Nationwide Arena don’t seem to know how to work the lights. Improv, off the cuff, totally unexpected. While Forslund sounded mostly like an irritated dad who is down to last nerve, Tripp recounted his perpetual struggle against the Nationwide Arena Cannon. Even when he knows it is coming, he assures us, it sound of the (fake) explosion scares the bejesus out of him. So much so that he thinks he should be a sponsor for adult diapers.

Where’s a cake when you need it?

Happy Birthday Tripp.