Sports are built on traditions, and the Hurricanes are known (well, at least at some point) for having the Loudest House in the NHL. Much of that volume and reputation comes from the cheers and chants booming out of the stands of the ESA RBC Center PNC Arena. Here’s a list of some our hockey cheers and chants that we do during the game. While we’ve had to retire some old favorites like the Brind’Amour song, we still have plenty of arrows in the quiver, and we always welcome new additions. These have become our tradition, feel free to join us on them, regardless of where you sit!

Cheaters Never Win

After the opponents commit a penalty and CanesVision plays the Dragnet theme (if they don’t play it, we supply the music) followed by the Law & Order sound, the chant is “Cheaters! Never! Win!” accompanied by holding one arm up and pointing towards the ice with all 4 (or less, if you’re a Simpson) fingers extended on each word yelled. It looks kinda like the tomahawk chop, but it’s completely different on the grounds that we don’t like FSU.

Goalie Chant

This is our most superstitious chant, and there are myriad rules we’ve applied to it. First, we only do this in the 1st and 3rd periods since that’s when the opposing netminder is on our side of the ice. If you’re over in 307 and want to kick it off in the 2nd period, we’ll be happy to support. Back to the other rules: We wait until 5 minutes have passed in the period, and do not chant the goalie during the final minute of a period. The chant should begin when the other team is in their own end and winding up for a play.

No nicknames or first names for goalies are allowed, with the exception of Curtis Joseph (why? well most hockey fans called him by a nickname, but then we agreed that using nicknames for other goalies could create a problem. It’s a superstition, it doesn’t have to make sense). We do not add any additional words to the “YOU SUCK” portion as it’s come back to bite us before.  If the Canes are getting blown out, we’ll hold off on the chant. If a goalie has been pulled from a game and he’s still on the bench or sitting on the other side of the glass, he’s still fair game.

Goalie’s Last Name

Goalie’s Last Name

Goalie’s Last Name



When the puck is along the boards, and several players are battling for it with no clean outcome, do your best seagull impression from Finding Nemo and yell “MINE” until the puck is free.

Canes Go Skating In

This one was brought to us by the good people of the Oak City Supporters, and it’s become a fan favorite. You’re probably familiar with the song “When the Saints Go Marching In” and if so, this one should be easy to pick up and sing along with us.  The first two lines are a call and response, with the final three sung by all in unison.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh when the Canes (Oh when the Canes)

Go skating in (Go skating in)

Oh when the Canes go skating in

How I want to be in that number

When the Canes go skating in. 

We’ll hit this song at various tempos and repeat it probably two or three times.

Penalty Kill 

When the Canes are killing a penalty, there are two chants we have in the holster:

1)Kill it….. Kill it dead.” The timing on this is important.  The puck must be in the opposing team’s zone to start this, otherwise it’s bad karma.

2) “Lordy, Lordy… WE WANT A SHORTY” 

C’mon Canes!

This one is pretty simple. In fact, it couldn’t be much more simple. This is a call and response cheer that is nothing more than one group calling “C’MON CANES” and the other responds with a matching “C’MON CANES!” This was brought to us by Elias Lindholm’s brother, Oliver, on You Can Play Night last season. It’s quickly become a Section 328 favorite.


This chant may be a violation of Rule 48, but we’re sticking with it. At least, #ForNow. At any point when the Canes need to lay a big hit on someone, the call and response is “Knick Knack Paddy Whack…. GIVE THAT GUY A CONCUSSION!” Generally reserved for the most awful characters in the NHL.  We’re looking at you Brooks Orpik,

Bad Referees

We have two chants for referees that make poor calls.

1) I’m blind, I’m deaf, I wanna be a ref!

2) Nuts and Bolts, Nuts and Bolts, WE! GOT! SCREWED! 

Biscuit in the Basket 

During a Canes powerplay in which they have not scored (see: most), the call and response is “Put the biscuit… IN THE BASKET!” It can also be employed when the Canes haven’t solved the goalie, but probably should have a couple on the board already.

This is MUCH slower than our pace.

Gopher Dance 

This one’s not so much a cheer or chant as it is a way to burn some calories and look like an idiot. When CanesVision plays Kenny Loggins’ timeless classic “I’m Alright” please join us in a gopher dance like the one featured above. The big difference is we’re a lot more spastic and faster paces than the gopher from Caddyshack.

Old Favorites No Longer In Use

Vrbata Song

Sung to the tune of “My Bologna Has A First Name”

My Vrbata has a first name, It’s R-A-D-I-M

My Vrbata has a second name, it’s VR-B-A-T-A

Oh, I love to watch him when he plays,

And if you ask me why I’ll say

That my Vrbata has a way with H-O-C-K-E-Y-EH!

Brind’Amour Song 

To the tune of the Monty Python Dennis Moore bit.

Brind’Amour, Brind’Amour

Skating down the ice

Brind’Amour, Brind’Amour

Looking mighty nice

He skates down the ice

He looks mighty nice!

Brind’Amour, extra-or-DI NARY! 

Eddie Lack

Inspired by a combination of Australian yelling and the Swedish Chef, after Eddie Lack makes a big save (or at this point, doesn’t give up a huge rebound), the chant is: