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An Alpha-Male’s Guide to Watching the Hurricanes -A parody

by Section328 •  Jan 25, 2013  •  0 comments

I was recently one of four blowhards in a house packed with about 20 dames watching the game — stickpucky, I think. The dolls were there for the game, while I was there for the beer: Bud Light Platinum, the classy way to get wasted on American swill.Sure, I could've sat and watched with the birds, but I don't care for whatever the hell ice game it was, nor do I pretend to. I'm not going to fake an girly obsession with a sport because, frankly, that just seems like a real pain in my ass.That being said, when having either lady friends, sisters, girlfriends or wives in your life, watching games in any sport becomes unavoidable. And if you live in Raleigh and have one of the aforementioned female figures in your life, then chances are you can't avoid their obsession with the Hurricanes. The fact that every single one of the chicks watching this strange frozen pond skatearound game was wearing a Hurricanes jersey is a true testament to the loyalty of a Caniac. It's not just a phase. It's not just an obsession. It's a Canes lifestyle.

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