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Hey, that Liles. He’s Pretty Alright. A Statistical Spotlight on JML.

by Canealytics •  @Cane_alytics •  Nov 9, 2015  •  0 comments

I’ve always liked defensemen. My first favorite player as a kid was Rangers d-man, Jeff Beukeboom. Partly, let’s be honest, because of the name, but also because he was a hulking bruiser that routinely destroyed players with his bulk. Since then, other favorites have come and gone: Curtis Leschyshyn, Mattias Nordstrom, Janne Niinimaa, Glen Wesley (of course), and Big Time Timmy Tim Gleason just to name a few. The unsung hero aspect of the defensive defenseman, quietly doing his job while the flashier guys got all the press, just appealed to me. It’s a chop wood, carry water kind of thing, I guess. Do the work, quietly and diligently, day-in and day-out, and success will follow.More recently, I loved me some Andrej “Reggie” Sekera. Post-Whalers, he was the first player autograph I'd gotten, and it was huge moment getting to ask him how he scored that insane puck-carrying goal during a rout against us in Anaheim. He simply smiled shyly and said “I don’t know”. I occasionally craft homemade Rej-wiches and quietly mourn the loss our oddly, kind-of-unexpectedly goofy Slovakian-who’s-fond-of-pink-shorts workhorse defensemen.

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What the Hell is HD SV% and Should I Wait for Ultra HD 4K?: A Simple Guide for Caniacs Made by a Simpleton. Part 3 of #VALUE!

by Canealytics •  @Cane_alytics •  Nov 2, 2015  •  0 comments

Last week we covered Fenwick and that you should contact your doctor immediately if score effects last for longer than 4 hours. This week we’ll take a look at those lovable, freaks of nature that are goaltenders and look at all the new ways to make people angry on twitter with goalie analytics!Specifically, we’ll take a spicy look at the different ‘danger’ classifications on the ice and how a goalie’s true value comes from their ability to make those up-close, high danger saves.Looks like Mr. Wardo doesn't like his taco sauce en fuego!Finally, let me preface this column by saying I am not a Cam hater in any form or fashion. I don’t really hate any NHLer. There are definitely some rat-faced fucktards I could do without (see: Marchand), and I think Semin is infuriating because of what could have been. Anyway, I love what Cam has done for this franchise and as of writing this column the dude has put together a VERY solid set of games with numerous SporpsCenter Top-10 worthy saves.However, I do think stats speak for themselves and while there are certainly unfortunate effects to playing on poor teams with porous sets of pylons as d-men, stats are stats, and he’s had a couple rough seasons. His number will be hanging in PNC’s rafters someday and no amount of frustrated, late-night hockey tweets will affect that in any-freakin'-way. He was also the better of two options last year, and again this year, although it’s early going.

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Can’t Buy Me Love

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Apr 16, 2015  •  0 comments

If I asked you who the three most criticized players were on the Carolina Hurricanes this season, chances are that you’d nail all three: Eric Staal, Alexander Semin, and Cam Ward. If I asked you who the three highest paid players were on the Hurricanes,…

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Canes 222: Why Mo Had to Go

by Derek Roessler •  Nov 7, 2012  •  0 comments

Paul Maurice was the first and third coach of YOUR Carolina Hurricanes. When the Canes came to town Greensboro, Coach Mo was all we knew about a hockey coach in charge of our team. Sure, there were handfuls of people who followed other teams and knew…

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