Essentials for a Great Tailgate

by Derek Roessler •  Jul 2, 2017  •  0 comments

Summerfest is now in the rearview, and there are just a few months until regular season hockey is back in Raleigh. Now is the time to make sure you’re all set to have a great tailgate. Not swinging through a fast food joint and sitting…

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The Brunch Tailgate

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Oct 13, 2013  •  0 comments

So, much to our happiness, other hockey teams have began to embrace the experience that is the pre-game tailgate.  Just look out our fellow Met division opponents @BlueJackets and their Saturday Columbus Weekend tailgate, which we applaud and look forward to attending one day.  That…

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Tailgate Food for Thought

by RaleighMonkey •  Aug 18, 2013  •  0 comments

Hey there 328’ers!  Can you tell that we’re getting a little excited about hockey season?  We’re already thinking about our menu for opening day…Should we do BBQ, hot dogs, burgers, oh so many choices!  What are we going to do for appetizers?  What’s a new…

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How do you celebrate?

by RaleighMonkey •  Feb 2, 2013  •  0 comments

It's the day before the big game, The Super Bowl.  There is a lot of prep work going on today for the game tomorrow, which brings me back to the prep work we did for our cup run in '06.It was all a whirl wind of a time and to be honest, all kind of a blur in 2006.  For those who don't know, yes, The Carolina Hurricanes, have a Stanley Cup.  (Thanks for playing chick working at the HHoF, who said we didn't) 

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So we have that going for us…(a quick recap/photo book)

by RaleighMonkey •  Jan 23, 2013  •  0 comments

At least the tailgate was fun.  It was rather low key and I suspect the cold weather played a part in that. I was disappointed with how slow the lot filled up, but with the home opener being on a Tuesday and with the wind bringing in the slight chill, it's understandable.I have to admit the pork was probably some of the best we've had.  I'll leave it at that, since I am not the chef...but yeah, the key to a great tailgate is beer and great finger food.  Homemade carnitas were something new and special. 

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Tailgate training camp – time to prep

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Jan 17, 2013  •  0 comments

With a less than a week left before our home opener, now is the time to get your tailgate supplies ready and represent the great tradition is the Hurricanes parking lot madness. Everyone has their own style, but this is ours. Take our advice for what it's worth, but whatever you do, come strong in your tailgating.-Pick your spot and stick with it: Tailgating is all about tradition. It's always nice to be able to make your way around the lots and know exactly where to find friends, old and new. There are numerous great spots to stake your claim around the PNC. If you want a prime spot ala in the grass, make sure you plan to arrive early enough to get your spot.-Be a freaking Boy Scout and come prepared: It's all about having the right stuff to have a great time. Our little group has our "tailgate box" that is always full of the stuff you may need for a tailgate or the zombie apocalypse. Having a pre-packed box that you can quickly grab and go make sure you never leave something at home. Here's a good list of the items that we have in our tailgate kit: plates, red solo cups, napkins, ziploc bags, plastic utensils, leatherman tool, hand sanitizer, grilling utensils, long lighter, playing cards, garbage bags (for garbage or ponchos), first aid kit, combo wine and bottle opener, koozies, and duct tape. With this prep kit, there have been very few days that we haven't been able to have a great tailgate.

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Bacon Explosion

by Section328 •  Nov 7, 2012  •  0 comments

The myth, the legend, the bacon explosion.  One of the most revered tailgate delicacies, the bacon explosion is recommended by -4 out of 10 doctors. It involves 2 POUNDS of bacon, woven into lattices,  and 2 POUNDS of sausage.  As it requires a decent amount…

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