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Tailgate Recipe Contest Finalists

by Derek Roessler •  Aug 10, 2018  •  0 comments

A couple weeks ago, we asked for your best tailgate recipes in order to find the most coveted tailgate food in the area. We got lots of great entries (shoutout to the two people who have a brilliant recipe for a cooler full of beer)…

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So Long, Lil’ Baby Skinner

by Derek Roessler •  Aug 2, 2018  •  8 comments

On August 2, 2018, the Carolina Hurricanes traded Jeff Skinner to the Buffalo Sabres for prospect Cliff Pu and multiple mid-to-late round draft picks. To say reactions are mixed is being generous to both confusion and anger. Join me for a little trip down memory…

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Section 328 Tailgate Recipe Contest

by Derek Roessler •  Jul 23, 2018  •  14 comments

Hey, Canes fans! Do you have a favorite tailgate recipe that always brings smiles to the faces of your crew? Is there ONE dish/item that everyone always requests that you bring to the tailgate? If so, it could win you your very own shirt from the…

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Tailgating Essentials: My TED Talk

by Dan Spencer •  Jul 19, 2018  •  0 comments

Hey friends! It’s off-season time! Playoffs are done, the draft has happened, and now we’re in the terrible chasm of non-hockey. So it’s time to think ahead. I’m thinking ahead to tailgates, because I do love a good tailgate as much as the next person.

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