On Being A Fan: POC Perspectives

by Section328 •  Nov 8, 2018  •  0 comments

Ed note: As part of Meg’s series on fandom, we heard from many who appreciated her exploration of what it means to be a fan beyond being mad on the Internet. This, thankfully, also opened the door to non-white and non-male fans…

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Hope From a Hurricanes Fan

by Section328 •  Mar 9, 2018  •  1 comment

(Ed. Note: This is a guest post from our friend Emily Leverett. You can read more of her work on her blog. Want to submit a guest post of your own? Drop us a DM on Twitter or send us an email to: mail…

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Canes Twitter Bingo!

by Section328 •  Nov 3, 2017  •  1 comment

When the Canes turn in a clunker, you can probably guess how #CanesTwitter is going to go that day. Keep up with all the horrible narratives, hot takes, and general idiocy with the brand new Canes Twitter Bingo card! Download this today, or just…

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Jordan Staal Trade Tree

by Section328 •  Jan 14, 2017  •  1 comment

(Ed. note: This is a guest post from Will Luper. Want to submit your own guest post? Send an email to Derek AT  You know, our last GM, Jim Rutherford, catches a lot of flack, and deservedly so. After the…

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Dear Caniacs- by Michelle McMahon

by Section328 •  Oct 4, 2016  •  1 comment

(Ed. note: We’re grateful to offer Michelle this platform to share her thoughts with Canes fans, and we wish her nothing but success at the NHL Network.) Dear Caniacs, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the amazing experience…

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