Tom Edwards

You may know him better as MrWorkrate. Tom came aboard in 2014. is a man of many words, and all of them are worth reading. Whether it's the finer points of the CBA, professional wrestling (noticing a theme in this crew?), or Doctor Who, he is a wealth of knowledge. In case you're wondering, he has nothing to do with @CanesMemes.

The Numbers Post

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Aug 19, 2019  •  0 comments

For those of you who know me, maybe the only thing that I’m obsessed with more than the CBA is jersey numbers. I look forward to each new season to see what jersey numbers players are assigned, which players (if any) decided to switch to…

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How We Got Here: Tom

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Apr 8, 2019  •  0 comments

February 14th, 2013. Well, I mean, my hockey fandom goes back a little further than that. Having grown up on Long Island during the time of one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time, I was an Islander fan by association. The fire department…

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Canes Acquire El Niño for Victor Rask

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Jan 18, 2019  •  0 comments

Yesterday afternoon, the Carolina Hurricanes managed to add something on their shopping list, while at the same time solving a potential problem further on down the line when they acquired right wing Nino Niederreiter from the Minnesota Wild for center Victor Rask. Niederreiter is expected…

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