JC Bobbitt

His Twitter feed may suggest otherwise, but JC is the resident optimist. A graduate of Wake Forest, he knows how to find the positives in teams that underperform from time to time. When he's not watching the Canes, Deacs, or Orioles, he is probably watching pro wrestling. You can find him on Twitter, @jcbobbitt, where he is retweeting something about wrestling in England or Japan.

Pucking Sunshine – The Dawn of a New Season

by JC Bobbitt •  @jcbobbitt •  Oct 4, 2018  •  0 comments

After a whirlwind of change since January, there has been a lot of uncertainty surrounding our favorite hockey club. New owner…new GM (or GMBC)…new head coach…new locker room…new goal song…new wordmark…new marketing slogan. That’s a lot of “new.” Now, as the eyes of Caniacs turn…

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