Dan Spencer

Dan is a lover of board games, an intermittent Section 328 season ticket holder, and that guy who will talk your ear off about beer. Want to hear about why Simcoe hops are the best (even over Citra, Derek) hop? Dan's your guy. Don't want to hear about it? He'll probably tell you anyway. With Vine going away, he needed a creative outlet, and Section 328 provided! He's the guy in 328 always encouraging shivving.

Cocktail Hour: The Gardiner

by Dan Spencer •  Sep 10, 2019  •  0 comments

Mix this drink better than I photoshopped it With the newest addition to the team, I wanted to give everyone a quick updated take on one of my favorite cocktails: The Gardener Gardiner! One (1) Bunch of maple leafs cilantroOne (1) serrano pepperSome (?) peeled…

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The Name Game: Canes/Isles

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 29, 2019  •  0 comments

We’re two incredible games deep in the second round series against the New York Islanders, and I think it’s time to look at the important matchups in these games: Those players who share the same first name. Let’s dive in with:…

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Tailgate Strategy Guide: Season Finale Edition

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 3, 2019  •  2 comments

Hey, friends. It’s time for another Big Tailgate, so it’s time for another Tailgate Strategy Guide from yours truly. This one’s important. No matter the outcome, there will be clinching. Will we be clinching a playoff spot or clinching our collective butt cheeks with bated…

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Dan’s Trade Deadline Predictions

by Dan Spencer •  Feb 25, 2019  •  0 comments

Hey everyone! It’s Trade Deadline day today so I wanted to drop my Very Scientific Predictions on what will happen today. I’ve had scouts running all over North America over the past few weeks watching and listening and doing some top-notch research. So here’s what…

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Beer Review: 11 Pipers Piping

by Dan Spencer •  Dec 19, 2018  •  0 comments

These label designs are as gorgeous as the beer Oh, hey. I haven’t reviewed a (real) beer since March. Let’s fix that with The Bruery’s penultimate entry in their Christmas series, 11 Pipers Piping! I have written about 9 Ladies Dancing and…

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Beverage Review – Water

by Dan Spencer •  Oct 3, 2018  •  0 comments

The Carolina Hurricanes 2018-2019 Home Opener is tomorrow, and rumor has it there will be a tailgate. Weather’s looking like it’ll be in the upper 80s, lower 90s and sunny! Gorgeous weather for a tailgate. One thing that’s key for an epic tailgate like tomorrow’s…

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Tailgating Essentials: My TED Talk

by Dan Spencer •  Jul 19, 2018  •  0 comments

Hey friends! It’s off-season time! Playoffs are done, the draft has happened, and now we’re in the terrible chasm of non-hockey. So it’s time to think ahead. I’m thinking ahead to tailgates, because I do love a good tailgate as much as the next person.

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Second Place Picks

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 30, 2018  •  0 comments

It’s official! The Carolina Hurricanes have the second overall pick in the 2018 NHL draft, coming in significantly higher than 95% of the models I ran. I know it isn’t first, but it’s still incredibly exciting to have. Some of you are out there suggesting…

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We Didn’t Make The Playoffs

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 16, 2018  •  0 comments

To be performed to the tune of We Didn’t Start The Fire:   Re-signed Jussi Jokinen, brought back Aaron Ward again Frank the Tank was bought out ’cause he didn’t add a thing Scott Walker, Joe Corvo, to the Caps they had to go We’re…

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