April Fools


Beer Review: Coors Banquet

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 1, 2018  •  1 comment

(Ed. Note: this was a 2018 April Fool’s Day joke) Hey friends and fellow Avalanche fans! As we all know, Colorado is THE state for beer; Fort Collins, New Belgium, Odell, Crooked Stave, Storybrook I COULD GO ON. But why not talk about what is…

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The Greatest Av Known To Man: Milan Hejduk

by Dan Spencer •  Apr 1, 2018  •  0 comments

I know what you’re thinking. Adam Foote, Patrick Roy, Peter Forsberg…sorry. But you’re all wrong. Milan Hejduk remains the greatest Colorado Avalanche player in the history of this franchise. The player with the most games as an Avalanche, Hejduk impresses and his mark on the…

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