A Caniac Send off #ThankYouJimmy

Welcome to the last home game of the season folks, bittersweet as it may be.  Here we sit, on the precipice of another off season of change, and hopes in our hearts that next season will finally be the turn around.  Rather than talk about what could have been and what may be, I want to ask for your help.

We, as the Caniac Nation, have had some amazing times together.  It really started during the 2001 playoffs when the crowd rose and cheered for 5 solid minutes for a team that was about to be eliminated by the New Jersey Devils.  We rose for every single second of Game 7 prior to our winning the Cup.  We cheered our collective brains out for the rag tag group in 2009 that miraculously made it to the finals.  We cheered and maybe even cried a bit when 10 and 17 was drawn to the rafters.

Tonight, while not confirmed, I, like many others, believe this will be the last night that Jim Rutherford will be the GM of our Hurricanes in the PNC Arena.  While we can debate all day on what has happened with this team, we can all agree that having a team here is a great thing.  While PK has been busy in Detroit, Jimmy has been here thru the good and the bad, not only putting a sometimes great and sometimes difficult product on the ice, but doing so much more.  Jimmy has been instrumental in making this team and this organization a fabric in the culture of not only us Caniacs, but in the whole triangle.  On his watch we had a Draft, an All Star Game, and a Stanley Cup Celebration.  Regardless of who we missed on in the 2nd round of a lot of drafts, those facts will always remain indisputable.

So, I want to ask you this.  For one night, for five minutes, can we put aside our Twitter rage, and do as we Caniacs have done so many times before?  When the clock hits 5 minutes in the 3rd period, I will raise from my seat in 328 and start a THANK YOU JIMMY! chant.  I only ask that we keep it going for 1 minute, until the clock strikes 4:00.  If you choose to not, I understand. But, I ask you this: if you knew this was the last time you were going to meet the man who was responsible for the joy brought to so many of us that fateful night of June 19th, 2006, would you feel bad if you didn’t extend that olive branch one last time and say thanks for the memories?


I know this won’t get the whole arena moving, but if we could simply say thanks together, it would mean a lot to this fan.  So, whaddaya say Caniacs, can we say it just one last time… #ThankYouJimmy

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