Fan Appreciation Week – Scavenger Hunt Style

Well kids, we finally did it.  That’s right, our little corner of the web has finally garnered 1000 followers.  This is what is must feel like to stop Pavel Datsyuk on a breakaway.

Let's celebrate y'all!
Let’s celebrate y’all!

We promised when we reached this level of celebrity and down right awesomeness that we wouldn’t forget the little people who got us here.  Whether it be @LeCaniac who is one of our longest running followers, or @Gillimus who helped us break thru four digits, we appreciate each and every one of y’all.  Well, most of y’all.  Some of you guys, well, let’s just say you are an acquired taste.  Not that we don’t love you, its just, well… never mind, let’s get on with it… SHALL WE?!?

To celebrate our 1000th follower, and nearing the end of another fun season of shenanigans, we would like to have a little scavenger hunt to see who really knows us the best.  We will give away a few prizes to say thanks for sticking thru this season with us, and helping us spread our version of the hockey gospel.  Prizes will include an autographed picture of none other than Blue Steel himself, Jay Harrison; an Alexander Semin Bobblehead circa 2014; and the pièce de résistance, your very own Hurricanes foam drinking glove!

Here’s how the whole thing will work:


Jay Harrison Autographed picture:  simply re-tweet a link to this post with the hashtag #328ScavengerHunt.  One entry per person and winner to be chosen at random.

Jay Harrison signed this using only the power of his glare
Jay Harrison signed this using only the power of his glare

Alex Semin Bobblehead and Foam Hurricanes Drinking Glove will be chosen from the winners of this very Scavenger Hunt.  We will take the entries who get all the answers right, put them in a big stack, and choose 2 at random.  If we only get one person who get’s them all right, well then, you get both items.


Want this awesome stuff... well you're gonna have to work for it!
Want this awesome stuff… well you’re gonna have to work for it!

Here’s how to enter:

Email your answers to the following questions to:  Please include your twitter handle so that we know who we are dealing with and can shout your name from the rooftops accordingly.  Most of the answers can be found either in our blog, in our twitter stream, on our Cheaters Never Win podcast, or by simply coming by Section 328 Saturday night and trying to pry the answers out of us after we have been tailgating all day.  Winners will be announced no later than Tuesday, April 8th at 7PM.

So, what are you looking for?  On your mark, get set, go find ’em:

1) According to’s Rankings, who is the 112th ranked player ever to play for the Hurricanes, based upon play thru the 2012-2013 season?

2)  What is our loving nickname for former Hurricane forward and first round flame out Pavel Brendl? (multiple correct answers apply)

3) We recently had Jeff Marek of Sportsnet and MvsW fame on our podcast.  Who is Jeff Marek’s favorite obese wrestler?

4) During a scramble in the corner for a puck, you will often hear many within 328 yell “MINE”.  What is the genesis of this cheer?

5) General hockey knowledge question:  Who is generally considered the worst NHL referee currently?

6) We recently switched from beer to liquor on a recent podcast to cope with our Canes woes.  What was the name of this fine beverage that we reviewed to close out this very recent podcast?

7) We opened this season with a series of predictions in our Season Preview Roundtable.  Who on our roundtable was closest to predicting where the Canes would actually finish the season?


So, there you have them.  Seven items.  Go find them.  You can find all of them on the blog, on the podcast, and on Twitter.  While it hasn’t been the most fun team to watch on the ice, we sure have had a heck of a lot of fun with you kids here this season.  We’re not done yet either.  But for now, let’s focus on giving away some fun stuff, and tossing one helluva tailgate Saturday afternoon.  Got comments or bribes for answers, hit us up on Twitter @section_328

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