All-Time Hurricanes Rankings: #41-50 (The Philly South Edition)

#41: Craig Adams A man of many… well, two nicknames, the Wild Man of Brunei was a 1996 draft pick of the Whale after playing a full 4 seasons with the Harvard Crimson. After spending a few years in the IHL and AHL, Craig “Hands of Feet” Adams made his Canes debut in the 2000-01 season. Never scoring more than 10 goals in a season, Adams was a 3rd/4th line guy who was damn good on the PK as well. Like many Canes, Adams was recycled as he signed with Anaheim after the 2005 lockout, and came back to Raleigh before ever playing a game in SoCal. The Adams-Adams-LaRose line was a great 4th line, and for that, we thank him.

#42: Shane Willis Shane Willis was the original rookie with promise in Raleigh. Drafted originally by Tampa, and never came to terms, Willis re-entered the 1998 draft and was taken 88th by the Canes. Willis quickly claimed AHL Rookie of the year honors before coming up to the big club in 1999. In his first full year with the Hurricanes, this young buck scored 20 goals and was looked to as a future staple in the top 6. Hell, we even qualified for the playoffs. But in that fateful series, which cemented our first playoff rival in Scott Stevens and the Devils, Willis ran into the career ender, Mr. Stevens in the waning seconds of game 2. For those who haven’t seen it before, don’t watch this while eating your Cheerios (how pudding is made) Willis was never quite the same after this hit, battling post concussion issues and eventually ended up in the front office of our Canes. Oh what could have been, because Willis’ mitts were silky smooth.

#43: Kevin Dineen The first ever Carolina Hurricane to wear the C on the sightless eye had to make the top 50 despite only 15 goals and 26 assist in 121 games. Dineen is one of the first of many recycled players, and (check this out) came back home via a trade with Philly. Dineen did what he could with mediocre talent and crowds in Greensboro, and was a good first year ambassador to this new little hockey market. He gave up his C after the first year and passed it on to Keith Primeau, who probably asked if he got fries and a drink with that. Now, with Dineen behind the bench in Florida, he’s dead to us and we hope he overdoses on Sriracha.

#44: Marek Malik Another draft pick of the Whale, the 6’6″ defenseman made his Hurricanes debut in 1998 and went on to play nearly 4 seasons in town before being part of the INFAMOUS TRADE FOR DRUKEN AND HLAVAC in 2002. While here, the Sheik appeared in 262 games, scoring 16 goals and 54 assists. Sadly, his career highlight didn’t happen in a Canes sweater.

#45: Dennis Seidenberg You’re kidding me, ANOTHER former Flyer!? Oh well. Everyone’s 3rd favorite German came to Carolina from Phoenix in exchange for Kevyn Adams in January 2007. During his 3 seasons here, Crunchy (his ceramic skates make a crunching sound) went from a borderline scratch to a very solid 2nd pairing d-man. In the 2009 offseason, Seidenberg went to Florida for $2.25MM/yr, a deal that seemed high at the time, but now… I’d be all about getting him for that price.

#46: Mike Commodore Everyone’s favorite ginger, Commodore was a pretty good defensive defenseman for the Canes during his 2 and a half seasons here. Despite his on ice play, he’s better known for his sweet afro, lounging in his robe, and later, this. Sadly, he never wore #64. He played 195 games, scoring 13 goals, 41 assists before being sent to Ottawa in 2008.

#47: Andrei Kovalenko Ah, the tank. Kovalenko came to Carolina from mother Russian thru Quebec, Montreal, and (GASP) Philly. Tank remains to this day one of the great bar trivia answers in Hockeydom. “Who is the only player to score the last goal in one arena and the first goal in another?” That’s right, the Tank scored the last goal in the history of the Montreal Forum and proudly potted the first in the history of the Entertainment and Sports Arena. Really, ESA? What a shitty name that was.

#48: Martin Gerber He only played one season in Raleigh, but what a season it was. Signing w/the team prior to the 2005-06 season, Gerber was our #1 goalie that season, winning 38 games along with a 2.78 GAA and .908 sv %. Despite a good regular season, Gerber got torched in the first 2 games on the playoffs (due in part to illness), but luckily Cam Ward was there to run with the torch. After Ward’s coming out party, Gerber was not re-signed.

#49: Jamie McBain A defenseman drafted by the Canes who’s been better than terrible, McBain made his Canes debut in the 2009-10 season. Despite being involved in roughly 60 percent of all trades suggested by fans, the Wisconsin Badger has been involved in exactly zero trades….yet. 166 games played, 18 goals, 49 assists, and fills out an Under Armour shirt quite nicely.

#50: Frank Kaberle For years, we as Canes fans thought that Frank the Tank ws the lesser of the Kaberle’s. Oh how wrong we were. I’ll admit it. Frank is one of the only hockey players ever to make me cry like a little girl with a skinned knee. Frank was fun, funny, and without a doubt scored the penultimate goal in Hurricanes history. I’m sure you remember June 19th, 2006. That’s the day Frank helped the boys meet a fella named Stanley. And we, the Caniac Nation, weeped with joy.


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