It’s evident judging by everyone’s reaction to the news today that we need a bit of sunshine. Hell, the Canes are playing in the Sunshine State and we’re all feeling a bit gloomy. It’s easy to do when you read things like this….

With Eddie playing very well since being called out by Bill Peters, it’s easy to see how a fanbase can get worked up. Cam is 31st in the league  in GAA, 39th in SV%, and 7th in TOI. This makes very little sense to anyone who has not been poisoned by a faulty Kinetico water purification system in their home. We’re not here to worry about Cam though. That’s not what you came here for. You are here to find an escape from the madness of whatever the hell is going on in the bowels of 1400 Edwards Mill Road right now. So, lets get to some sunshine.

Usually I’d take some time to think about this article and put some coherent thoughts together, but seeing as we need this now I’m just going to hit the highlights of things I’ve missed since my last article.

Elias Lindholm is playing some damn fine hockey. The Swedish Assist Machine™ ranks third in primary point share. In 5v5 play, I don’t think we have anyone better right now to find ways to make this more efficient on offense. He leads the Canes with 30 assists, and has been a point per game player since 3/9. He’s playing smart hockey and making decisions to help this team.

Sebastian Aho. That’s all that really needs to be said here. His hockey IQ is off the charts and continues to get even better.

As I alluded to earlier, Eddie Lack has been playing like an NHL goaltender since Coach Peters made some choice comments about him.

If those stats don’t make you see what a boost he is to this team right now, I can’t hep you. But, I’ll give you some more stats that date back even further that might…

Yes, Eddie had a poor start this year. I’m not going to deny that. But what this team needs right now is Eddie Lack. He’s proving with with improved play, where he seems to be more comfortable playing aggressive in the crease. Instead of one great save that gets praise from Billy Petes, he makes many and then gets little to no credit. Here’s your credit, Taco Man. We salute you.

So there’s just a few small and quick things to like and to keep focused on in the madness occurring today. Yeah, it’s disheartening. Yeah, it sucks. The season is almost over. We’re loaded with draft picks for trade ammunition. We’ve got some cap space. Let’s wait it out, and then after the draft and free agency, we can panic. For now, let’s keep the sunshine going and keep the faith.