Dear Doug-

We’ve been accused of taking this whole “hockey family” idea too far some times.  But when you spend so many days and nights together around a thing that you are so passionate about, you grow close with people.  You sir, whether you know it or not, are one of our hockey family.

We met somewhere around 2003 season, we think.  That’s part of what makes us so sad today.  You’ve been such a part of our hockey family for so long we don’t even recall when you came into it.  You’ve been synonymous with the Canes organization now for the better part of 15 years and over that time you’ve worn just about every hat that was around.  You’ve been an ear to concerned season ticket holders.  You’ve led the charge to make the Canes Kids ‘N Community Foundation one of the most worthwhile and giving organizations in the Carolinas.  You’ve laughed with us on a podcast, and not at us.  You’ve grown to be a staple in our day to day lives as we interact with the Carolina Hurricanes.  For all of that, we owe you a great deal of thanks.

It probably won’t hit us today, or even tomorrow when you’re not in the building for a home game for the first time in, well, forever.  But when February 22nd comes around, and Doug Warf is not the guy leading the charge during Casino night, it may become all too real that our friend has left his seat at the Canes family table. Fear not Doug, we’ve saved a seat over here for you at the kiddie table located squarely on row C in section 328.  We look forward to raising a glass with you pregame soon, and toasting our little hockey family.

Doug always took time out to support a great cause

Good luck on your next endeavor Doug.  We for one, will miss seeing you each and every game day.


All our best

-The Staff at Section328