Okay, here we are.

We’re past the Trade Deadline and the Hurricanes and Ron Francis kept relatively quiet. A trade to Ottawa saw Viktor Stalberg leave the Triangle in return for a third-round pick in the upcoming Entry Draft in Chicago. We’ve also had Phil Di Giuseppe, Patrick Brown, and Andrea Nestrasil recalled from Charlotte to fill a variety of holes in the line up due to injuries to Brock McGinn and Jeff Skinner as well as to fill the gap left by Stalberg’s departure.

So, no major changes off the ice have led to no major changes on the ice. Since we last met, the Canes have gone 1-2-2 with a sole win against the Senators in Raleigh last Friday night.

Now, I was not an advocate for major change at the deadline, and I’m glad we did not take steps to change much. There were a few players that I had hoped we would be unable to unload (*cough* Murphy & McClement *cough*), but I figured it would take a miracle to find someone dumb enough to pick them up. So, that gives us the positive of the week…

The Trade Deadline

The young core is intact, and GMRF managed to acquire yet another draft pick. Right now, the Hurricanes sit with 7 picks in the first three rounds of the Entry Draft (1, 3, 3). With the talent available on Wednesday the needs of the team under consideration, there was very little to nothing we needed at the prices being asked. Ronnie’s discipline at one of the most stressful times of the year have allowed this team to be in a great position at free agency and at the draft. With the trades we have to deal and with the cap space available to this team, we should be able to shore up our goaltending and goal scoring issues. I think that we will see a combination of things take place including, but not limited to, making some trades at the draft to acquire talent and, even though Francis has said he does not prefer it, at least one veteran talent signed during free agency in order to provide an immediate impact.

There seemed to be a lot of pushback online directed towards the club for not making any blockbuster trades, but this was absolutely the right move for this team at this time. All reports indicate that prices were high and there were very few returns that would be for a sure thing, especially for a team that had just over a 3% chance of making the playoffs at the deadline.

This deadline was no different than the case I’ve been trying to make all year. It fits right in. Sure, we didn’t do anything flashy. We didn’t trade our picks for a veteran first-line center who can find the back of the net almost every night and could pick up the captaincy on day one. We didn’t replace Lack or Ward with someone who has a GAA% that’s at or above league average. BUT THAT’S OKAY. As I already said, we were already ostensibly out of the playoffs. So, much like Ron Francis, Caniac nation needs to learn that patience in a virtue.

We here at Section 328 have been extolling the idea of trusting the process. This week was just another part of that. We didn’t need to do anything big. We didn’t do anything big. I’m happy with that.

In other miscellaneous bits of sunshine…

Victor Rask has a four-game point streak (1g, 3a). After being very quiet for an extended period, he seems to have awoken a bit and is potentially returning to the form we are used to seeing him in.

– Section 328 had one hell of a time learning to yell like real hooligans with the Oak City Supporters last Friday. We learned a lot of things to yell that rate great for the Canes and some that would surely have us removed from PNC Arena. Make sure to pay them a visit if you make in out to any NCFC or NC Courage games this season.

I think that about does it for this week, so remember.

#TrustTheProcess and feel the sunshine.