While some of us were nursing a Canes Casino Night hangover, GM Ron Francis was doing work. At 10 this morning, Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports tweeted out in French:

Now, as someone like me who can occasionally flash 8th grade French class skills, I got the gist of the deal – Ron Hainsey was going to the Penguins for a 12th 2nd round pick and Danny Kristo, which seemed really good on first glance, because I wasn’t expecting a pick that high for Hainsey in general. What could have caused former Canes GM Jim Rutherford to act so rashly?


So, as a quick breakdown, the second round pick is obviously the biggest benefit here. It’s in this season’s draft, so unless the Penguins fall off a cliff or something, it’ll be at the end of the second round, but still – second round. Kristo is a former second round pick of the Canadiens who has bounced around the AHL the last few seasons and while he’s been a 20 goal scorer in the past, he hasn’t done that much this season playing for the Penguins AHL affiliate. He’s likely in the deal to even out contracts on both sides, and maybe to add a little depth to the Checkers.

The Canes will also be retaining half of Hainsey’s salary, which isn’t a big deal since 1) Hainsey’s not making a ton of money this season, 2) we have the cap room, and 3) we can still retain two salaries if we need to, and I doubt that we will.

We’ll miss his experience, his interviews, and his leadership, but we knew this was coming. The question remains who’ll take his spot though – will we see a Checker like Haydn Fleury come up to get a shot, or will the team stick with the current duct tape solution of Klas Dahlbeck, Matt Tennyson, and… Ryan Murphy? Nah, it won’t be Murph.