As the Stanley Cup finals get going, I’m preparing to kick back with a tasty beverage and watch some of the best sportage that can happen. So I decided to do my own competition between twice beers! They are: (Pick Up The) Tempo from Steel String Brewery in Carrboro, and Lewis & Krunk from Preyer Brewing in Greensboro!

These beers represent the two teams playing in the finals, a saison from Steel String to rep the Steel City of Pittsburgh, and a West Coast IPA from Preyer to rep the Predators from the Western Conference. A stretch? Potentially. But I’ve had two beers, I don’t care. Let’s talk about these two beers and which one will fill my Stanley Cup!

Game 1: Look

The Tempo gets off to an early lead as it’s coming from a brewery whose pint glass I own. I like the look of their weird and very recognizable bottle labels, and the color of this saison is perfect. A light color and good presentation!

The West Coast IPA was a perfect amber, and this can art is top notch. But game 1 goes to Steel String!

Tempo: 1

Lewis & Krunk: 0

Game 2: Aroma

This game went into overtime!

Billed as a hoppy saison, Tempo gets a benefit from whirlpooled hops to give a little bitterness in taste and a great amount of hoppy aroma. The aroma is bright and floral, and really solid.

Krunk delivers a balanced nose, with malty sweetness and earthy hops you’d expect from a good West Coast IPA, with a really great bouquet as you go to take a sip.

It’s a tough game, but in the end Tempo ekes out another win to take the series to 2-0!

Game 3: Mouthfeel

Nobody wants to talk about mouthfeel. It is awkward and makes everyone uncomfortable.

Krunk wins. 2-1 series.

Game 4: Taste

Another close game!

Tempo has that citrusy, floral hop presence as suggested by the aroma, a tinge of sourness, and a balance of oatmeal and wheat that makes this a well-rounded beer that appeals to the non-hop lovers and lupulin-addicts alike!

Krunk is phenomenal. If you’re looking for a hop bomb with plenty of complexity, you are in luck with this gem. Great malt body, and a hopness that is earthy and as dank as your favorite memes (author’s note: I have no idea what makes a meme dank. That slang was developed past my days as a youth and I am out of my element, like Donny). It’s just tasty.

Krunk wins! Series tied at 2!

Game 5: Finish

Tempo, like most lighter beers, has a crisp, snappy finish. It buttons the sip of your beer almost perfectly.

Krunk finishes smooth, but without snapping it off the way Tempo does. It’s great, but doesn’t have quite the wrap up of Tempo.

Tempo wins, taking lead on the series 3-2!

Game 6: Price

I picked up both of these bottles at Bottle Revolution in Raleigh. Both were around 2 bucks a bottle. Really solid pricing! But Krunk was just a little cheaper, maybe 10 or 20 cents. So it evens the series and forces a game seven!

Game 7: Personal Preference

This is a very very tough choice! Steel String has great sentimental vibes, and this is a great beer, but shock and surprise I am going for the IPA instead. I’m excited to pay more attention to Preyer Brewing as this first offering of theirs was thoroughly impressive. They’ll be filling my Stanley Cup this playoff series as I cheer on the Predators!

Both beers are available at local bottle shops, and Greensboro and Carrboro are both a short drive from Raleigh, so go check out their beer store and their breweries!