Puck Talk

Leadership Is Not Built on Goals Alone

by Pat Clarke •  Oct 19, 2016  •  2 comments

You know what grinds my gears? Beat reporters offing knee-jerk ideas to a guy scoring a goal or two. The Caniac Twittervese was already salty yesterday, but I apparently threw a giant log on the fire. During the third period in the match against…

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2016-17 NHL Season Predictions

by Derek Roessler •  Oct 12, 2016  •  0 comments

Derek Roessler, Editor and COO Atlantic Metro Central Pacific 1 Tampa Bay Washington Nashville San Jose 2 Florida Pittsburgh Dallas Los Angeles 3 Montréal CAROLINA Chicago Anaheim 4 Detroit NY Islanders St. Louis Arizona 5 Boston Philadelphia Colorado Calgary 6 Buffalo NY Rangers Winnipeg…

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Dear Caniacs- by Michelle McMahon

by Section328 •  Oct 4, 2016  •  1 comment

(Ed. note: We’re grateful to offer Michelle this platform to share her thoughts with Canes fans, and we wish her nothing but success at the NHL Network.) Dear Caniacs, I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for the amazing experience…

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Jay McClement: Why?

by Canealytics •  @Cane_alytics •  Oct 4, 2016  •  0 comments

Being entrenched in the various hockey social media networks allows us to get a sense of who the infamous players are. Players that are so notoriously bad or dirty, or both, at hockey that they take on a larger-than-life persona among their team’s fans’ twitter…

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