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SiriusXM NHL Studios are where I want to spend the apocolypse

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Nov 14, 2012  •  0 comments

When I want to listen to the only sports station that I don't have to hear the drivel that is baseball or Tarheels whatever, I immediately tune to Sirius 207 for SiriusXM NHL radio. The voice of hockey on my daily drive has become Mike Ross (@NHLRossy for the twitter inclined) and I really enjoy his brand of NHL talk. After many discussions via Twitter and email, Mr. Ross invited me to come by the SiriusXM studios while in Toronto for a quick visit and tour. Well, as many of you may have seen, what I thought would be a 10 minute visit and tour turned into a 90 minute hockey discussion, including a 20 minute segment to kick off the 11AM hour called The War Room.Now, if you are like me, you may be thinking that a high powered satellite radio station would have street level studios, lots of marketing, and fancy dancy studios. Well...

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We’re on the Air

by Section328 •  Nov 12, 2012  •  0 comments

This morning, the good people at Sirius/XM NHL Radio were kind enough to host Mike and Leigh Flanagan. Initially the plan was Mike and Leigh would bring breakfast, hang out and listen to the show. Upon arrival, Mike was asked if he was ready to…

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NHL HHOF Induction Fan Forum i.e. I get to talk to Joe Sakic

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Nov 12, 2012  •  0 comments

Sunday is one of the highlights of HHOF Induction weekend, kicked off by the Fan Forum. The Hall of Fame does a great service to fans by providing a one hour panel for fans of that years honored inductees to ask questions and hear from the greats. You may not know this, but this blogger has a bit of a mancrush on one Mr. Joe Sakic, or as we refer to him in my house, Wrist Shot Jesus. Since his days in Quebec and on my screen in NHL 94, I've been a Sakic fanboy.We were fortunate to score two of the last seats in the forum to see the group of Sakic, Adam Oates, Mats Sundin, and Pavel Bure. Needless to say, the place was electric to meet and greet the greats. In fact, when Mats Sundin was introduced to the Leaf faithful, the roof about came off the hallowed hall.

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In line for 19 hours… for Mats Sundin?

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Nov 10, 2012  •  0 comments

We knew that there were some crazy fans up here in Canadia, and we were prepared to see a line in front of the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto this AM. In fact, having done this dance before, we knew good and well that we should show up at least 3 hours before the 9AM opening. So, with our Tim Hortons' Double Double in hand, we headed over to the Brookefield Place to join the other hockey nuts...

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Celebration Whiskey

by Mike Flanagan •  @mflanagan00 •  Nov 8, 2012  •  0 comments

What a freaking response to the launch of our little corner of the web. A day like this calls for a drink worthy of celebration. Time to reach for the good stuff. The Jameson Gold Reserve doesn’t get touched often, but when it does, it…

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by Section328 •  Nov 8, 2012  •  0 comments

Welcome to Section328.com. We’re not just a collection of seats in close proximity to each other, we’re a hockey family that goes back as long as the Carolina Hurricanes do. When hockey in Raleigh became a reality, a few of us who, previously didn’t know…

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