Pat Clarke

The New Guy, Prospects Guy, guy who has #PlayedTheGame because beer league counts. Pat sat in Section 328 for his first Canes in 2003 and will be back there this season.Since he hadn't been a STH since '08-09, he can be blamed for the playoff drought. You can follow his personal twitter @PatClarke27 and follow his daily prospect coverage at @CanesProspects.

#328Bag: Systems, Structure, & Suckage

by Pat Clarke •  Nov 17, 2017  •  1 comment

No time to waste so let’s jump right into the question before the Islanders score another goal against the Ginger-Beard goalie. This column is already a day late. 1) CanesProspects check in #328Bag will Jake Bean get moved from…

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Draft Week Preview: Highlighting the Canes Needs

by Pat Clarke •  Jun 19, 2017  •  0 comments

While the hockey world focused on protected lists prior to this week’s Vegas expansion draft, I focused on the Canes organizational depth chart going into the NHL Draft on Friday. Today I’m focusing on the organization’s needs as the front office heads to Chicago. [Editors…

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