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You may know him better as MrWorkrate. Tom came aboard in 2014. is a man of many words, and all of them are worth reading. Whether it's the finer points of the CBA, professional wrestling (noticing a theme in this crew?), or Doctor Who, he is a wealth of knowledge. In case you're wondering, he has nothing to do with @CanesMemes.

2016 Carolina Hurricanes Training Camp Cheat Sheet

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Sep 23, 2016  •  1 comment

Training camp opens TODAY, and between the excitement of that and the NEW, I thought it was time to get off my butt and give the people some content. And, in true Workrate fashion, it's damn near 5000 words.As training camp can get confusing with not only all the Hurricanes but Checkers and guys from junior and random tryout guys, you may end up watching the Red & White game at the Canes Carnival and thinking "I don't know who that guy is but if I admit that I lose all my Canes street cred!"WORRY NOT. Below is a little bit of information about everyone in camp, from Cam Ward to Ben Gleason. Print this out, memorize it (or just reference it from your smartphone), and when #78 does something cool at the Red & White and everyone is scrambling to figure out who he is, you can drop your Steven Lorentz knowledge on them. Bam.Enjoy!

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Francis Robs Chicago Blind by Acquiring Teuvo and Bickell

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Jun 15, 2016  •  2 comments

On Sunday, the eyes of hockey watched Jim Rutherford's Pittsburgh Penguins (so weird to say that) lift the Stanley Cup, and snickered as they wrote their feel-good narratives about Rutherford showing he still has value. Those dumb Hurricanes - what were they thinking when they ran JR out of town? It doesn't matter - they'll be in Las Vegas/Quebec City/Seattle/Bismark soon anyway.It took three days for Ron Francis to offer up a Costco-size can of STFU to anyone who was questioning the Canes decision to move on from Rutherford, as the team (and Francis) took another huge step forward, dealing a second and third round selection to the Chicago Blackhawks for forward Teuvo Teravainen and Bryan Bickell's contract (Bickell himself may also come).

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Grading The 2015-16 Canes – The Forwards

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Apr 27, 2016  •  2 comments

After going to my cubicle in the Section 328 World Headquarters and finding Michelle McMahon using my phone and the nameplate changed to "VISITOR", I realized maybe it has been a while since I've written anything for the site, and it's time to get off my ass and start writing about the Canes again.And, hey, what better way to do that then by dishing out some letter grades for the players, since that's simple and people seem to like it. We'll do this in three parts - I'll take the forwards and use the English/creative lit method of grading where I eyeball and use my opinion of what I like and don't like to assign a letter grade. We all know how much Cane-alytics  loves the D, so he'll grade them, I'm sure using a purely mathematical formula that involves the quadratic equation, the pythagorean theorem, and a slide rule that was made in "East Germany". Derek will handle the grading of the goaltenders in a method that's veiled in secrecy, but I'm assuming it's somewhere in-between Cane-alytics method and labeling a bunch of bananas with letter grades and seeing which one a random chimp at the zoo goes to first.So let's roll, starting with...Phil Di GiuseppeWho knew what to expect from PDG going into this season? A second round draft pick in 2012 (and the team's first pick that season), PDG had a mixed college career, and his first professional year with the Charlotte Checkers didn't exactly set the world on fire. The flashes of potential were there, but there's limited patience for a 22-year-old to convert into a prospect, especially a higher draft pick. The club would have been happy with a second season in the AHL building on what he learned in his first pro year, with an opportunity to challenge for ice time in 2016-17.What the Canes ended up getting was the player they hoped to get in 2016-17 a season early. Called up after the New Jersey-game-that-will-not-be-discussed, PDG was eased into the lineup, where he became the grinding, ass-in-front-of-the-net presence that the Canes had been lacking for several seasons. After putting up 30 points in 76 AHL games last season, PDG put up 18 in 25 AHL games this season, then added 17 more in 41 games for the Canes. PDG is a streaky scorer and will probably be the player most prone to a sophomore slump next season, but his playing style was sorely needed at this level, and was a key factor to the Canes turning it around in December.GRADE: A-

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Prospect Watch: 2016 Trade Deadline

by Tom Edwards •  @MrWorkrate •  Mar 2, 2016  •  0 comments

The 2016 NHL Trade Deadline has come and gone, and while the names leaving the Hurricanes are familiar, the players coming back to the organization may not be. Let's take a look.Aleksi SaarelaPosition: center How Acquired: from the New York Rangers in the Eric Staal deal Drafted: 3rd round (89th overall), 2015 NHL Draft Current Level: Liiga (highest professional level in Finland) Current contract status: unsignedSaarela had been considered a strong prospect, potentially even a first round selection, but injuries and a weak 2014-15 season in Finland's Liiga (12 points in 51 games) dropped his draft stock. Saarela's play in Finland has improved greatly this season (19 goals, 32 points in 47 games) and his play in the U20 World Juniors (with fellow Canes prospect Sebastian Aho) earned him a gold medal.

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