About Us

Who is Section 328? Isn’t Section 328 a place and not a group of people? Yes, it is a place, but it’s much more than just a section printed on our tickets. We’re a group of Carolina Hurricanes fans who love talking hockey, cracking cold beers, and enjoying great company. This site and Twitter account started in 2011 as an outlet for our hockey thoughts beyond an orgy of loud noises from the upper corners of the Entertainment and Sports Arena RBC Center PNC Arena. Since 2013, we’ve put many of our thoughts into the Cheaters Never Win podcast, available almost anywhere you find podcasts.


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The Team

Mike Flanagan

The leather lunged veteran of the group, MIke likes nothing more than to rally the troops and spread the love around Caniac Nation. An original season ticket holder in 328, Mike can regale you with stories of Kevyn Adams or Noah Hanifin. Mike enjoys harrassing opposing goalies, charring meat at a tailgate, and a stout around the fire. You can follow Mike at @mflanagan00 on Twitter.

Derek Roessler

A comparative newbie to Section 328, Derek has only had Hurricanes season tickets since 2001. He'll be more than OK if there's never another Eric/Erik on the Canes. You can follow him on Twitter where he'll often ramble about Ohio State among other things

Tom Edwards

You may know him better as MrWorkrate. Tom is a man of many words, and all of them are worth reading. Whether it's the finer points of the CBA, professional wrestling (noticing a theme in this crew?), or Doctor Who, he is a wealth of knowledge. In case you're wondering, he has nothing to do with @CanesMemes.


Consider him the Ghostface Killah of Section 328 in that since his face has been revealed, the game has gotten very real. Mr. Alytics joined in 2015 and brings us insights to hockey analytics without any of that pesky condescension that may scare people away. Enjoy his graphs and more on Twitter.

Pat Clarke

The 'Prospects Guy' & the guy who has #PlayedTheGame because beer league counts. He can be blamed for the playoff drought since he hadn't been a STH since '08-09. You can follow his personal twitter @PatrickClarke and follow his daily prospect coverage at @CanesProspects.

JC Bobbitt

His Twitter feed may suggest otherwise, but JC is the resident optimist. A graduate of Wake Forest, he knows how to find the positives in teams that underperform from time to time. When he's not watching the Canes, Deacs, or Orioles, he is probably watching pro wrestling. You can find him on Twitter, @jcbobbitt, where he is retweeting something about wrestling in England or Japan.

Dan Spencer

Dan is a lover of board games, an intermittent Section 328 season ticket holder, and that guy who will talk your ear off about beer. Want to hear about why Simcoe hops are the best (even over Citra, Derek) hop? Dan's your guy. Don't want to hear about it? He'll probably tell you anyway. With Vine going away, he needed a creative outlet, and Section 328 provided! He's the guy in 328 always encouraging shivving.

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