Cheaters Never Win Podcast Extra- Noah Hanifin Edition

On this weeks special edition, BC Eagle and top defensive prospect Noah Hanifin drops by the podcast to talk about his 1st season in college hockey, draft prep, and who he models his game after. Does the thought of a Hanifin/Faulk top pairing make anyone else kinda giddy? Thanks for listening and sharing. We appreciate it!

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[Alternate Canes Universe] November 24th, 2014 – The Power Struggle

[This is part 2 of a multi-part series where I venture into an alternate universe where I take over the Carolina Hurricanes using Sports Interactive’s Eastside Hockey Manager: Early Access.]

November 24th, 2014 (10-15-0)

Mike Vellucci knew he’d be in for a struggle. Vellucci was in his first year at the NHL level as an assistant general manager, but back in September, he was thrust into a “secret” general manager role, where he would act behind the scenes as the teams actual general manager, while season ticket holder and figurehead general manager Bob Workrate gave the appearance that he was, in fact, calling the shots. Vellucci seemingly had the full support of ownership and team president Don Waddell, but he clashed with Workrate on seemingly everything, from scouting assignments to waiver claims.

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[Alternate Canes Universe] September 7th, 2014 – The Bob Workrate Era Begins

[When Sports Interactive announced the return of Eastside Hockey Manager a month or so ago, I immediately ordered and downloaded the game, despite it being listed as an “early edition” that was still a “work in progress”. Eastside Hockey Manager was the best hockey management simulation (and possibly the only one) until development of the game ended in 2007, but despite the lack of support, the game continued to be played regularly, causing Sports Interactive (who is known best for their incredibly popular – and highly addictive – soccer management series “Football Manager”) to bring the game back. I immediately started a game and took over the Hurricanes, in an attempt to do what every Canes fan thinks is the simplest thing in the world – to turn the Hurricanes from a bottom-feeding franchise into a Stanley Cup Champion.

Through the offseason (I know the playoffs are going on – it’s still the offseason for us, damn it), I’ll be writing up my adventures with the game and my attempt to steer the team towards greatness. Since these types of things tend to be a little – what’s the word – “boring”, I’ll add in a bit of “artistic freedom” in the recaps to lighten things up a bit, and attempt to explain how certain things would actually take place that might only take place in a video game alternate universe. I hope you enjoy.]

September 7th, 2014

In the two months that Don Waddell had been President of Gale Force Sports & Entertainment, he had been given free reign to do whatever he needed to do by management to improve season ticket sales and make the Carolina Hurricanes a more marketable (and profitable) product. He had been promised by majority owner Peter Karmanos, Jr. that there would be no interference from ownership. That promise was broken into several pieces as Karmanos burst into Waddell’s office.

“What the hell are you trying to do to me?” yelled Karmanos. “Who the hell is ‘Bob Workrate’?”

Artist’s rendering of Bob Workrate

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast – Mark Seidel Draft Prep Edition

Not often do we down here in Carolina get a chance to hear from one of the pre-eminent scouts in hockey, but today was our day. Mark Seidel drops by the pod and drops some SERIOUS knowledge on us in regards to the 2015 draft. Stick around to hear his take on Hayden Fleury as well. We close the night w/ one heck of a Smuttynose stout, and its a wrap on another fun podder. Thanks for listening and please leave us a review and share w/ your friends!

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast Extra- Mitch Marner Interview

A special edition of #CNW this week, and boy is it special. On this weeks episode, we have London Knights forward and potential future Hurricane, Mitch Marner. His interview game might just be as strong as his 200 ft game on the ice. He shares his thoughts on his game vs. Patrick Kane, how playing with Skinner would be a dream, and recalls growing up with Dylan Strome. Thanks as always for listening, and please share if you could!

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Draft Prep Edition

We’ve washed the stench of another bad Hurricanes season off of us. We’re back, refreshed, and ready to roll. On this week’s episode of Cheaters Never Win, Adam Kimmelman of drops by to talk NHL Draft, and his thoughts on the difference between pick 5 and pick 10 may surprise you. Mike and Derek make their initial picks for “their guy” in this draft before diving into the Section 328 Bracket Challenge. Finally, we go off script and review a darn fine cider this week. As always, thanks for listening, and please leave us a rating or review when you get a chance.

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Exit Interview Edition

Whether your taste is Green Day or Don Meredith, we sing a song to mercifully bid this season adieu. We dive head first into some exit interview discussion, talk a bit about some surprises, and give credit where credit is due. Chantel McCabe from Fox Sports Carolinas is our guest this week and she is great, as usual. The beer this week, much like this podcast, was fine. Thanks for listening folks, and dammit, we mean it.

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