Training Camp: Day One

Today kicked off the first training camp under new head coach Bill Peters, and it marks the first time that the Carolina Hurricanes will have a new head coach getting a full training camp in his first season. I got a first look at the new coach and his methods at prospect camp earlier this summer, but working with prospects and working with seasoned professionals are two very different animals.  There were, and still are, plenty of questions around the team right now. How will Peters’ reputation as a no-nonsense guy evidence itself in training camp? Who will be the #1 goalie for the club? What about line combos and defensive pairings? None of those questions were truly resolved today, so I might be a bit of a jerk for mentioning them.  On to camp!

Carolina Hurricanes Training Camp

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Is It October Yet?

On Tuesday, I wrote a little bit of BASIC programming code that summed up what I think nearly every Canes fan is thinking right now.
And this is it.

For those that don’t know programming in the BASIC language, that program would print out the line #ISITOCTOBERYET, and if it wasn’t October it would keep asking over and over until it was, which would cause the program to stop writing #ISITOCTOBERYET over and over and start writing LET’S GO CANES! over and over in an infinite loop.

(and yes, nerds, I know that “MONTH” would be an undefined variable and if you were to actually run this program you’d get an error, or more realistically just get an infinite loop of #ISITOCTOBERYET regardless of what month it was, but shhhh.)

But writing that tweet wasn’t just me reaching into my memory of useless information. Oh no – it wasn’t that easy. It was quite the adventure, actually, and the film rights to it were just recently picked up. Luckily for you, the readers of Section 328, I’ve obtained a copy of the script.


Is It October Yet? The Screenplay

A sneak preview of your season tickets…

While not delivered in a fancy box like the Dallas Stars, or with a flag like the Tampa Bay Lightning, here is your first look at some of the season tickets coming your way from 1400 EMR in short order.


IMG_6929 IMG_5398 IMG_3878 Season Tickets Anyone?

Not a lot of hoopla. Just a lanyard, tickets and parking passes. We like the focus on the young guys, but really wish the team had tossed in something to make those of us who actually renewed feel a little more special. Share your thoughts with us over on @section_328

NHL 15 First Impressions: PS3

Disclaimer: I’ve only played the Early Release (demo) version on PS3. I realize the final product may differ from this version in some ways. More importantly, I have no affiliation with EA Sports and am in no way responsible for the quarter-assed effort that went into making this game. I’m also not going to get into ALL the complaints, issues, and general disappointments that surround the lack of content on next-gen versions of NHL 15

If you love the gameplay in NHL 14, you’ll love the gameplay in NHL 15. Why, you might ask. Well, that’s because it’s the same damn thing.  Upon loading the game, the home screen looks exactly the same save for Patrice Bergeron being visible instead of Martin Brodeur. 

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Canes Fan Town Hall Recap

After five seasons of no playoffs and no blockbuster roster moves this offseason, many Canes fans have gotten a little restless and curious about the future of the team with a new front office and bench boss. Today, that new management team (President Don Waddell, Vice President and General Manager Ron Francis, and Head Coach Bill Peters) sat down and took questions from Mike Maniscalco and fans who got their #FanTownHall tweets past Social Media Overlord Joe Ovies.

To say it was an insightful 90 minutes is an understatement. The panelists were served up plenty of good questions, and their honest and open responses were even better. A litany of topics from draft strategy to Winter Classics and everything in between was covered today, and I can safely say that I have a lot more confidence in this leadership than I did at 8am this morning.

The columns are hockey sticks. Was Dan Piraro involved?

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Doc Driftwood Edition

The calendar has swung to September, and hockey is right around the corner, which is a very good thing. Doc Driftwood is live in studio this week helping us kick off our Atlantic Division preview. We get some insight into the Sabres’ McDavid strategy, debate the Red Wings playoff string continuance, and try to figure out if Tampa is really that darn good. We close it out by reviewing one of our all time favorite brews, Southern Tier Warlock. So press play, and help us work thru the class struggles of the proletariat, won’t you?

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Expansion? In MY NHL? It’s More Likely Than You’d Think

The rumor of expansion/relocation in the NHL has been around for as long as the Coyotes have struggled to draw fans. But yesterday, in the waning days of August, these persistent rumors picked up steam and everything else in their path, Katamari style.  Supposedly, it’s a “done deal” that there will be a team in Las Vegas and one in Seattle won’t be far behind. By 2017, we could be looking at a 32 team league, with Quebec and a second Toronto-area team joining the mix. Whew!

Bettman’s Vegas Wonderland

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