An opposing view of last night’s Canes vs. Calgary game

I was excited to see the Canes come out with fight and vigor and take it to an undersized Calgary team.   Consider my shock when this was rolled out onto the ice for 52 minutes.


If this thing could check, it would get 12 mins a night.

Shameful.  Hell with it.  Its over.  The question is, who is going to stop fighting first.  This team, or its fans.  Who the hell knows.

Canes vs. Flames 10/23 Recap

No one needs me to tell them that the performance the Canes turned in last night was horrible, but because writing about this team brings me some sort of joy, I’m going to do just that. Just when I thought the game against Winnipeg on Tuesday was bad enough to bore me to the point where watching a Magic the Gathering tournament would be a step up, Thursday happened. Through 5 games, Carolina remained the only winless team in the league, despite having a 2-game point streak last week. (Side note: I nearly broke something tasteful when I saw that “point streak” touted by some).

There was a lot of this.

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast- WHY GOD WHY Edition

Like any good hockey coach, let’s start with the positives: On this weeks episode, Mike Maniscalco from WRAL Sports Fan joins us to discuss the Caniac Nation’s frustration. Harrison Mooney also joins in on the fun to tell us what to expect when the Canes make their way to Vancouver. In the middle, well, the Calgary game happened, and we all know how that went down. Just to make sure we stayed miserable, the beer we reviewed this week was a loser as well. So, there you have it. At least we had fun, right? Thanks for listening friends!

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Canes vs. Jets 10/21 Recap

Another Canes game is in the rearview mirror, and another day goes by with a bagel/donut/goose egg in the win column. Last night wasn’t pretty to watch, and that frustration was amplified (at least for me) due to Paul Maurice standing behind the opposing bench. What started last night as hope for the first win, especially with the returns of Sekera and Skinner, quickly became exasperation as Winnipeg scored 2 goals in the first 3 minutes.

Can’t beat ‘em at hockey? Kick ‘em in the junk!

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Canes vs. Rangers 10/16 Recap

As the State Fair comes to town for the annual “what’s the craziest shit we can wrap bacon around and deep fry” contest, the Hurricanes once again hit the road for several contests. This season, that road trip begins in a post-Jeter New York. Despite both of them taking the morning skate, the Canes would be without Sekera and Skinner, and thanks to the injury ninja, John-Michael Liles didn’t even make the trip. Who told this team to put the balm on?

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Tale of Two Cities Edition

In this week’s jam packed episode, it is the best of times, and it is the worst of times. To go with our duality theme, we have two guests: Steve Dangle Glynn of Sportsnet and YouTube fame, and Luke DeCock, columnist for the News and Observer. We discuss trade rumors, Alex Semin, and the week that was. Settle in for the winter of despair, or the spring of hope, whichever fits your personality, because this is a good one.

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Canes vs. Sabres Recap 10/14/14

For reasons I still don’t fully understand, NBCSN thought a Canes-Sabres matchup was one that should be presented to a national audience. Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that the Canes got nationwide exposure, but neither team has lofty expectations this year. Why have 2 teams that most predict to be near the bottom of the league go up against each other on national TV?  As if these lineups weren’t already inspiring enough confidence, the home team would be without a Staal in the lineup for the first time since Taft was in office.

Tyler Myers seen here auditioning for the role of “Ogre”

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