Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Season Opener Edition

Will this year be different? Who will score the goals? Can Mike actually handle another pumpkin beer? These questions and more are answered in this weeks podcast. Also, Evan from Cellblock303 (and joins us to share what we should expect out of the PERDS Thursday night. The NHL Season is back, hope springs eternal, and #CheatersNeverWin brings you all the Canes action we can. Thanks for listening, and please share w/ a friend or mortal enemy.

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Poorly Researched Article Has Unintended Effects. What It’s Based on May Shock You!

I’m a blogger, and by no means a journalist. I don’t have press credentials that give me access to

  • a table for my laptop
  • a power outlet for previously mentioned laptop
  • possibly free/possibly not free food (your mileage may vary)
  • half-naked sporting people (usually) speaking in cliches

and most importantly

  • an invite to the Canes Media Cup

and that’s cool. As such, we write at whatever quality we do, and it is what it is. If you like it, great. If it’s not up to your standards, well, at least you didn’t pay anything to read this*.

*paywall coming in 2016 

When you’re reading a fan blog, the quality of writing can be anywhere in the spectrum. When you write for an actual publication, with editors and offices and printed words on paper and $90 subscriptions, then you expect the quality of writing to have some sort of value. After all, if you’re charging people to read your content, you’re going to want something well written in return**.

**never mind that earlier paywall thing

Which brings me to the Triangle Business Journal. The Triangle Business Journal (TBJ from now on, because I’m lazy) is owned by American City Business Journals, which owns numerous publications across the United States, many of which fall under “The Business Journals” header, of which the TBJ is a part of. These “Business Journals” focus on a city’s local business news of interest, giving Joe Businessman access to business news more expansive than the local newspaper’s business section, but more focused on his /her area than say the Wall Street Journal. I’m assuming it’s good as covering local business news in various industries – I’m not Richard Gilmore, reading the various business publications in my study as I wait for dinner to be prepared.

It really should stay away from sports though, or at least the Carolina Hurricanes. Continue reading Poorly Researched Article Has Unintended Effects. What It’s Based on May Shock You!

All-Time Canes Rankings: 2015 New Guys

Ladies and gents, it’s game week. With a new season upon us, it’s time to share the updates to our All-Time Hurricanes Rankings. Today, we’ll take a look at players who made their Hurricanes debut in the 2014-15 season.

#82: Victor Rask

Victor showing off one of his many smiles.

In his debut with the Hurricanes, Rask was thrown into the deep end thanks largely to a combination of a great camp/preseason and Jordan Staal’s injury. Despite the initial plan for Rask to spend the year in Charlotte, the young Swede (well, THIS young Swede) played a lot of top-6 minutes, and posted 33 points in 80 games.

Continue reading All-Time Canes Rankings: 2015 New Guys

Quick Hits: EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE (TWO! MORE! YEARS!) and Final Roster Cuts

Because no one reads blog posts on a Saturday, let’s get you up to date with what happened over the weekend.

Eddie Lack signs a two year extension with the Canes

Sup, girl.

Going into training camp, we’ve said that Eddie Lack and Cam Ward, both with one year left on their respective deals, were essentially auditioning to be the starting goaltender for the Canes in 2016-17 and beyond. Six preseason games later, we’ve apparently got our answer, as the team announced Saturday that Lack signed a two year, $5.5 million extension. The extension will pay the goaltender $2.5 million in 2016-17 and $3 million in 2017-18, equating to a $2.75 million cap hit those two seasons. Continue reading Quick Hits: EDDIE EDDIE EDDIE (TWO! MORE! YEARS!) and Final Roster Cuts

Horrible Canes Goal Song Ideas- The Bracket: FINALS

Update: Tears In Heaven is the winner, and NEEEEWWWW Worst Canes Goal Song! 

We’re now down to the final 2 songs in our search for what would make the worst Carolina Hurricanes goal song.

After 2 rounds of voting has eliminated contending songs from powerhouse artists like Yung Joc and Aqua, just a couple of tunes remain. The semifinals round was a photo finish, with only 3 votes separating 1st from 4th.


There are several ways you could vote here: which song you think is worse; which song you enjoy (ironically or otherwise); which song you may enjoy but think would be awful to celebrate to, and so on…

It’s now time to decide the worst Canes goal song. Your finalists are:

Eric Clapton- “Tears In Heaven”

Old Crow Medicine Show- “Wagon Wheel”

Once again, I’m not linking to this. Ever.

Vote now! You can vote once per hour, if you’re so inclined.

Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Season Preview Edition

Stick and puck is back and we couldn’t be happier. We are ready to EAT, SLEEP, WIN, REPEAT for 82 games. Ok… maybe we need to dial the expectations back a bit, but we are really excited for the hockey season. Mike Maniscalco of 99.9 THE FAN joins us to preview the season not only for the Canes but across the NHL. We discuss this weeks tilt vs. the Caps and drink a darn fine beer. It’s a long one, but in the end, its what we do. Thanks for listening!

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Handicapping the 2015-16 Canes: After the Smoke Clears

[This is part 4 of the “Handicapping the 2015-16 Canes” series. I go into a little bit more detail by position in parts 1-3, which can be found here: Goalies, Defensemen, and Forwards.]

After a lot of discussion (and two rounds of cuts, which were made after I wrote parts 1-3), we should have a somewhat clear idea of who is going to be playing where come opening night. But there still are a few spots up for grabs, and for those not making the big club a trip to Charlotte isn’t guaranteed. As of October 1st, here’s my best guess as to how the Canes organization is going to look.

Carolina Hurricanes (NHL)


Gerbe, Nathan
Lindholm, Elias
Malone, Brad
McClement, Jay
Nash, Riley
Nestrasil, Andrej
Nordström, Joakim
Rask, Victor
Ryan, Derek
Skinner, Jeff
Staal, Eric
Staal, Jordan
Terry, Chris
Versteeg, Kris

There are (as of October 1st) 15 forwards left in camp, which means all but one of them is going to make the team. I still believe that there were only four spots up for grabs here when camp opened (see yesterday’s post), and Brad Malone and Chris Terry impressed enough last season that it would have taken a poor camp for them to get cut. Joakim Nordström is promising and new, and I could see him getting claimed on waivers in a situation not unlike how the Canes got Andrej Nestrasil last season if he were to be exposed.

That leaves one spot up for grabs between 28-year-old NHL rookie Derek Ryan and impressive prospect Brock McGinn. I’m going with Ryan over McGinn just because McGinn benefits more from being sent down and playing regular 1st/2nd line minutes than grabbing the 14th slot on the main roster. Ryan has already done his time (albeit overseas); while the Checkers would likely benefit from him being sent down, Ryan isn’t going to benefit any. I was surprised that neither was active for last night’s home preseason opener against Washington. Continue reading Handicapping the 2015-16 Canes: After the Smoke Clears

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