Kazoo Night, or How Do These Things Happen?

Losing streaks make you do odd things. Anyone here at the 328 World Headquarters will tell you that. Going into the Toronto game last Friday, our beloved Canes were 1-4-2 for the month of November and in the middle of a five-game homestand that had begun with two overtime losses in games where the Canes held a 2-0 lead and a 4-1 loss to a struggling Anaheim Ducks team that barely moved the needle on the Canes Give-A-Fuck-O-Meter.

Enough was enough, and soon after the Anaheim game, the 328 crew dubbed the Toronto game an “Alternate Jersey Night”. Yes, the Canes would be playing in their black jerseys – their “alternates”, but our “alternate jerseys” were non-Canes jerseys. We had plenty for varying reasons, so the wardrobe for the game was already set. That part was planned; what would follow wasn’t. Continue reading Kazoo Night, or How Do These Things Happen?

Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Mr. Voice Keeps Us Positive Edition

It’s not all bad, right? Hanifin is making progress, Pesce is a nice surprise, and Slavin is getting his first NHL call up, so we’re doing what we knew we would, right? Ok… maybe the dark side slips into this podcast a bit and we might just harp on the games of two sod farmers and a certain Swedish wunderkid. But fear not, new voice of the PNC Arena, @Minter, joins us to regale us with his view from ice level. Thanks for dropping by… the whiskey is on the bar right past the sign that says “Therapy This Way.”

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How do I luck? PDO and the Canes.

Hi friend. Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord PDO?

One of the prime existential questions that have plagued Canes fans since the beginning of time start of Bill Peters’ tenure as head coach is: are the Canes really unlucky or do they just suck? How can a team that has likely already qualified for a Corsi bowl game be so bad at actually getting one of those Corsis to blossom into, you know, an actual #$@&ing goal?

Seen pictured: An actual $#&@ing goal.

This season, like those in the recent past, may turn into a slog of frustration and discouragement over the weird dual personality of the Canes. One one hand, we’re a team that can straight up out-work teams, and if that opponent is taking a night off, we can run up the shot clock and the Corsi clock for some pretty ridiculous possession totals. On the other, slightly more malformed hand, we’re a team that can be prone to short-lived, yet dooming, horrible defensive lapses, soft goals against that devastate momentum, and a bewildering lack of goal scoring finish. So, are the Canes unlucky or do we just suck? The simple answer is a little from column A and a little from column B.


(Hockey Gods in numerical values)

The first concept to bring up when discussing “puck luck” is certainly PDO or Pacific Decadal Oscillation, which has been described as an El Niño-like wind that– Actually scratch that, it’s named after a commenter on a hockey blog that was involved in early tracking of the statistic.

Bill Peters warms up the team during one of his famous pre-game speeches.

PDO is simply shooting percentage (shots that turn into goals) + save percentage.

It can be measured at the team level and the individual level. It’s mostly used as a litmus test to see if a team’s play is sustainable or if there are outliers present, either due to amazing/horrible goaltending or amazing/horrible shooting percentages. It can be a sign that things are about to come back to earth if your PDO is uncharacteristically high or a sign that things may get better if it’s really low.

By now, most hockey nerds on twitter have seen the lovely PDO charts put together by wonderful statisticians like @Classlicity that show the range of the components that make up PDO and classify teams into luck categories.

Anywho, so far this season the Canes have hovered around the bad bounces corner of the chart. Our goaltending improved for a stretch but has recently come back to more of what we’ve seen in the more recent years. Our shooting percentage has been embarrassingly awful for a while as seen here:

So, our team is apt to giving up soft goals, or goals on a low number of shots against, and we don’t get the goal support to make that a non-issue. Obviously not a recipe for a winning team. It’s a freaking shame too, because systems-wise this team has the potential to be outstanding. Once shooting percentages increase, either through changes in talent or luck, we might be able to cope with occasional shoddy goaltending performances because we put up so many shot attempts. Decision making from the coaching staff also plays a part in this and can’t be let off without a mention. Thus far Jordan Staal hasn’t exactly been complimented with the most talented linemates this season and a certain young goalie has been riding the pine instead of showing he might be the way of the future.

The Canes performing in their system are excellent, but they still can’t convert having the lion’s share of scoring chances to actual $@^%ing goals.

The game is also tightening up to a startling degree. It’s harder to score in the NHL than ever before. This season goalies are making high and medium danger saves at a higher rate than previously recorded as seen in this fantastic graph from @NMercad. Teams that have had trouble scoring in the past will likely have more trouble this year, and on top of that, there’s less room for error on the goalies’ part. Welp drink.

Luck is certainly involved. Poor Skinner has been cursed this season, and it’s heartbreaking to watch such a naturally joyful kid play so frustrated. There’s also been a fair share of bad-to-horrible-to-thisisfine.jpg bounces, but when this is a familiar trend from season-to-season, it’s more than luck. It’s personnel, talent, too-many-passengers, poor line up choices, poor usage decision making, and you-name-it. I won’t get into well worn #narratives here about over-slotting players and it being time to move on from blah blah. This is just a symptom of rebuilding and a new GM slowly moving away from the old GM’s regime.

This is what it comes down to:

Patience is a four-letter word when it comes to fans in the midst of a 7th season without the playoffs, and who are constantly bombarded with garbage about attendance, angry Whalers bloggers, and 1st career NHL goalsapalooza, but it is what it is. People say it’s better to be lucky than good. Welp, we’re neither, but we’re fortunate that GMRF seems very capable this far, and that gives me faith that I don’t need to worry my head about it too much and the pieces will fall into place. If it all goes to plan, the Canes will make their own luck and the bounces will come, but don’t forget to do your regularly scheduled ritual sacrifices to the Hockey Gods just in case.

Til then, I’ll rest my head on my Stormy pillow pet and dream about bright futures with shooting percentages above 8%. It’s @Cane-alytics‘ birthday later this week so I’ll take a week off between articles. Also, if you’ve been reading my stuff regularly you’ll be happy to know that, this Sunday against the Kings, my friend Mandy will be attending her first NHL game since the final Whalers game. Pretty cool that I was / will be there for both, with only a decade+ in-between.

Rock the Boat. Please, Rock this Boat.

With 17 games in the rearview mirror, we’ve seen many preseason predictions come true for the Hurricanes. If you read many of those predictions, you know that’s not necessarily a good thing. Now that American Thanksgiving (“Thursday” to our Canadian friends) is only 10 days away, it’s time for changes to be made or our beloved hockey team will be on the hitting the golf course earlier than they’d like… again.

I’m the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes. Isn’t there something you can do?

Just about everyone knew that the Canes weren’t going to be an offensive force. That’s not exactly a bold statement, as this organization isn’t flush with top-end talent at forward. Tallying only 34 goals in 17 games, Carolina is ahead of only Philly (who beat them on Saturday), and Anaheim (who’s getting their act together) in the “goals for” category.

Continue reading Rock the Boat. Please, Rock this Boat.

Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Flying V Edition

While we don’t discuss the possibility for trading for Charlie Conway in this episode, we do dive into the game vs the Ducks w/ none other than Jen Neale from Puck Daddy. We do our best to remain positive after a shutout at the hands of the King, and as always there’s beer and a STAALWARD watch update. Thanks for listening!

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JOIN the Redvolution: A Short Story

Here’s the Section 328 Canes Redvolution TV Spot you won’t see – but should.

[GAME NIGHT. Shot of the SECTION 328 CREW. Many are standing with their arms in the air. The Dragnet Theme plays.]

     SECTION 328 (collectively shouting)
[As the CREW sits down and play begins again on the ice, DEREK leans over to MIKE]

    Hey, Mike.
    Have you noticed something different about Tom?
    Are you sure? Because he looks a little more Scandinavian than I remember.
[Both DEREK and MIKE look over to their right to find what is obviously EDDIE LACK, in a Jayne Hat, watching the game and cheering on the Canes. MIKE shrugs.]

     MIKE (indifferent)
    No, it's Tom. Hat checks out.
[LACK takes a bite from his taco and gives a thumbs up to DEREK and MIKE. MIKE returns the thumbs up, while DEREK continues to look puzzled.]

[CUT TO: THE TUNNEL where TOM is in Lack's goalie gear, except wearing a "WORKRATE - 33" jersey. He's watching the action until he's approached by CANES GOALKEEPING COACH DAVID MARCOUX]

     MARCOUX (urgent)
    Come on Eddie - Cam's down, we need you in there.
     TOM (concerned)
    Wait, I'm not...
[MARCOUX pulls TOM towards the ice, with TOM attempting to resist. "JOIN THE REDVOLUTION" overlay appears]

Hey, that Liles. He’s Pretty Alright. A Statistical Spotlight on JML.

I’ve always liked defensemen. My first favorite player as a kid was Rangers d-man, Jeff Beukeboom. Partly, let’s be honest, because of the name, but also because he was a hulking bruiser that routinely destroyed players with his bulk. Since then, other favorites have come and gone: Curtis LeschyshynMattias Nordstrom, Janne Niinimaa, Glen Wesley (of course), and Big Time Timmy Tim Gleason just to name a few. The unsung hero aspect of the defensive defenseman, quietly doing his job while the flashier guys got all the press, just appealed to me. It’s a chop wood, carry water kind of thing, I guess. Do the work, quietly and diligently, day-in and day-out, and success will follow.

More recently, I loved me some Andrej “Reggie” Sekera. Post-Whalers, he was the first player autograph I’d gotten, and it was huge moment getting to ask him how he scored that insane puck-carrying goal during a rout against us in Anaheim. He simply smiled shyly and said “I don’t know”. I occasionally craft homemade Rej-wiches and quietly mourn the loss our oddly, kind-of-unexpectedly goofy Slovakian-who’s-fond-of-pink-shorts workhorse defensemen.

Continue reading Hey, that Liles. He’s Pretty Alright. A Statistical Spotlight on JML.

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