Canes Trade Odds- (Please Don’t) Place Your Bets!

Despite a 6-2-1 January record and the team looking (usually) like a team that’s better than the third worst in the league, the reality of the 2014-15 season is that the Carolina Hurricanes are not making the playoffs. And as is the rule for any team not thought to be within playoff reach by the All-Star break, the “players for sale” sign will go up (if it hasn’t already) and the fans will start questioning if their favorite player is going to be here when Casino Night rolls around.

I’ve heard the term “fire sale” thrown around whenever a team is considered to be a “seller” around this time. Fire sales are reserved for teams that had high expectations going into the season, failed, and want to “blow up the team”. This isn’t what’s going to take place in Carolina. If you’re unsure if your team is having a fire sale, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Did your team make an irrational trade or trades, such as dealing two similar players but taking on more salary or getting older?
  2. Is your team’s management using terms like “change the culture”, “needed a shakeup”, and “veteran presence”?
  3. Is your GM Mike Milbury?

If you said yes to any of those questions, you’re having a fire sale. (And if you said yes to #3, seek immediate medical attention.)

That said, trades are going to be made. Is one of your favorites out the door? I consulted with the top oddsmakers in Las Vegas, and when none of them returned my calls, I just made up the odds myself. REMEMBER: These odds are for entertainment purposes only. No wagering.

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Beer Review: Gizmo Brew Works Aztec Gold

Quick show of hands: how many of you would love to drink great local beer? For those who didn’t raise your hands, what the hell!? Survey time aside, the folks at Gizmo Brew Works here in Raleigh have produced one gem of an imperial chocolate stout.


Not only is this beer brewed locally, but it’s also made with locally roasted cocoa nibs (from Raleigh’s own Videri Chocolate Factory). That delicious chocolate aroma almost leaps out of the bottle as soon as you pop the cap. It’s sweet, but also rounded and rich smelling- not in any way a fake/chemical smell.

Like a good imperial stout should, Aztec Gold pours a deep black color that passes the (patent pending) “Mike Flanagan- Can I See Through It” test with flying colors. There’s not much of a head on this beer, nor is there a whole lot of carbonation. I’d say the texture is spot on for a beer of this style.

On to the flavors, and DAMN is there a lot of chocolate. Yes, it’s sweet. No, it’s not cloyingly sweet. This brew is 9.2% alcohol, which helps balance out the sweetness of the chocolate. Also, the presence of vanilla beans helps make this a well-rounded and balanced beer.

There’s some really nice dark fruit and dryness on the finish- flavors I appreciate in good dark chocolate.  At around $10 for a 22oz bottle, this isn’t the cheapest beer you’ll find, but I thought it was worth every penny!

Highly Recommended!

Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Mid-Season Superlatives Edition

The January success train keeps on rolling, and we’re handing out our best and worst of the season thus far. Chantel McCabe joins us to talk team chemistry, goaltenders getting along, and nearly being murdered by an errant puck. We enjoyed one hell of a delicious brew from Gizmo BrewWorks to help fuel us through various ranting and raving.

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Canes vs. Leafs 1/19 Recap: STAAL SMASH

Can we tell this team that there’s a week-long break coming up after every game? Last nights 4-1 beating of Toronto was one hell of a fun contest to watch. Carolina not only jumped out to an early lead, but they also kept playing to win through the final buzzer; a welcome sight for Canes fans.

4th line scoring machine Brad Malone celebrates with 3 other snipers.

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Canes vs. Canucks 1/16 Recap: A Big Ball of #Meh

Here’s how you know last night’s game wasn’t good: Chad LaRose was discussed multiple times on the Aftermath postgame show. I know there was a great article about Chad and his journey back to professional hockey this week on ESPN, but just…. stop it.  At this point (or any point in his career, really) Chad LaRose would AT BEST be a small piece in a winning formula. It really bugs me that so many fans honestly believe that what this team is more guys like LaRose before they admit they need more guys with loads of NHL-level talent. Oh, right, last night’s game…

Rare shot of Ward making a save last night

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Cheaters Never Win Podcast- HF Edition

A 4-1-1 streak and we forget how to act. We lined up Ken McKenny from @HockeysFuture to discuss prospects not named McEichel and we ramble on about some of the good stuff we’ve seen out of the team this week. We show lots of love to All Star D-man Justin Faulk, laud some praise on Bill Peters, and torch a local beer that punched like Boulerice. All in all, we had fun, and we hope you do to. Thanks as always to @TaxiTaxiRaleigh for being an awesome sponsor. If you like us, please drop us a rating and review on iTunes. Thanks for listening!

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Canes vs. Avs 1/13 Recap: Another Damn Shootout

On a night where a threat of ice loomed, it was only appropriate that the Avalanche came to town. Despite the potential wintry weather not forecast to start until well after the game would be over, it was apparently enough to scare people away. Luckily for those cheering for the Hurricanes, the guys in red weren’t scared one bit.

“Hey guys, I did it. Yaaaaaay.”

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