Quarter Season Awards: These Will Likely Change

A quarter of the ’14-’15 NHL season has come and gone, ah the memories. Seems like just yesterday they had a dry scrape before overtime, remember? Well, it’s that time to sit down and think about some of the individuals who have impressed up until this point of the season. The season is long and there is certainly a long stretch of highway to go till the finish line, but, it’s worth pointing out who the leading candidates are for the NHL awards a quarter of the way through the season.

Here we go…

Hart Trophy – Candidates: Vladimir Tarasenko STL, Steven Stamkos TB, Sidney Crosby PIT Continue reading Quarter Season Awards: These Will Likely Change

Beer Review: Double Barley Thrilla In Vanilla

As reviewed on this week’s podcast, Mike and I enjoyed this vanilla porter brewed by Double Barley Brewing just down the road in Smithfield, NC.  I’m not sure why, and perhaps someone could educate me on it, but the beer style is labeled as a “spiced herb beer” while also being described as a porter.

The folks at Double Barley describe this as a “smooth, medium bodied porter” and it’s made with their housemade vanilla extract. Also advertised on the label is that the brew will pour a “tan head that tasted like vanilla whipped cream”. Reading that, I was sold, because that sounds damn delicious!

Problem is, there was almost NO head on this beer when I poured it (and I even altered the pour to get more head…. giggity), and what little head was present dissipated almost immediately. While that was disappointing, the flavor of the beer certainly was not.

There’s a great deal of vanilla in this beer, but it’s not cloyingly sweet by any means, as the malt qualities provide good balance. While I tend to prefer a little more body on what I consider “dessert beers” (pretty much any vanilla/chocolate/creme brulee beer fits here), there’s a pleasant quality to the medium body of Thrilla in Vanilla. It’s the sort of beer that won’t overwhelm folks who don’t want a knife and fork for their beverages. This beer would be fantastic sitting around a fire pit on a crisp evening.

For around $7, I think this is a very enjoyable bomber of beer. And at 8.0% abv, it’s not going to bring your night to a screeching halt either. Support local brews and pick one up!

Cheaters Never Win Podcast- Better Than A Smallpox Blanket Edition

The Canes have hit the quarter pole of the season, and the calendar has turned to Thanksgiving week. We do our best to show our thanks, and hope you enjoy this weeks episode. Josh Yohe of the Pittsburgh Tribune stops by to talk the back to back this week with the Pens, and man is he good. The boys discuss the Avs game (WARNING: we drop some bad words), talk about the happenings in Caniac Nation this week, meander into an eastern European discotheque, and finally talk about thankfulness, sort of. If nothing else, we tried our best to have some fun in the midst of a 1-5 streak. We also enjoy and review the Double Barley Thrilla In Vanilla porter. Come along for the ride. Misery is better with friends.

Thanks for listening, and as always, this episode of Cheaters Never Win is brought to you by our friends at Taxi Taxi Raleigh.

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Name Your Price And Save: Hurricanes Trade Value Rankings

The march through the regular season is in full swing, and thusfar it’s been a roller coaster ride for Canes fans. Once you think the team starts playing poorly and you get ready for a horrible season (but potentially a date with Connor McDavid), they reel off a few wins in a row and look like a team that’s clicking. Then, when you start to get excited that the team is better than you imagined and Jim Mora’s least favorite “P word” starts to get mentioned by some, Paul Maurice comes by and slaps you down. This is the type of thing that turned Brutus Beefcake into the Zodiac.

Here’s the reality, though. By the end of February, it’s unlikely that the Carolina Hurricanes roster will look like it does today. Players get dealt, whether it be because they’re not working out, they’re pending free agents, or a deal comes around that’s just too good to pass up. As the days and weeks pass, there will be a lot of discussion about dealing players, and what the team could get from them. I thought it’d be helpful to put together a list of “value” of the players on the Canes roster. For right now, I’m sticking to players on the current NHL roster, but this list will eventually expand to all the players the Hurricanes organization currently has under contract, or retains the rights to. Continue reading Name Your Price And Save: Hurricanes Trade Value Rankings

20 Games Down, 62 To Go

After Saturday night’s game against Colorado, the Canes now have 20 games in the books, putting them at the quarter point of the season (well, 82 isn’t cleanly divisible by 4).

At the beginning of the season, most “experts” predicted the Hurricanes to be near the bottom of the standings. That was before Jordan Staal, Jeff Skinner, and Eric Staal all got hurt. Thankfully for Canes fans, games aren’t played on paper, right? Wellllllll…. We all know the outcomes: October was a dumpster fire, Novermber started strong, and has recently become a hodgepodge of outcomes.

Continue reading 20 Games Down, 62 To Go

Canes vs. Avs 11/22 Recap: Constantly Finding New Ways To Lose

Now 20 games into the season, this Carolina Hurricanes team is the most wonderfully frustrating edition of the Canes I can remember. Start the season on a horrible losing streak and visions of McEichel appear. Then they go and kick ass for 6 straight games and it’s early enough to wonder if that’s sustainable? Or, they could bottle up all the good and the bad of the previous 19 games, cook it down into one 60 minute contest and leave Canes fans with their mouths agape, breathing like Tyler Hansbrough.


Continue reading Canes vs. Avs 11/22 Recap: Constantly Finding New Ways To Lose

Beer Review: Terrapin Moo Hoo-Chiato

Terrapin is one of my favorite breweries (not necessarily top 3 or anything) and their Wake-N-Bake Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout has been probably my favorite coffee beer the past few years. They also make a chocolate milk stout called Moo Hoo, which is usually pretty good (and really good mixed 50/50 with WNB). So when I saw this Moo Hoo-Chiato which is described as a “chocolate espresso milk stout” I had to bolt to the shop to pick one up to enjoy on this week’s podcast. Why one? Simple, that was the limit set by the local bottle shop.


Continue reading Beer Review: Terrapin Moo Hoo-Chiato

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